• Are you hosting a Halloween party this year?

    If you have yet to close the pool, include it in your décor!  There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest that are sure to please (or scare) everyone.   Why not throw an inflatable chair or ring into the pool and decorate it up with a skeleton or monster? Heck, give him a drink. […]

  • So you have your results, now what?

    Last time we focused on tips to ensure you had a good water test visit.  Now that you have the “prescription” in hand, what do you do? After your water test is complete. Balancing your water helps to prevent issues. Keeping the right balance of your swimming pool water is essential. Balancers control scale, avoid […]

  • 5 Tips to ensure you have a good water testing visit

    Here are 5 tips to ensure you have a good water testing visit 1 – Water bottles without names. When it comes to water bottles to be used for testing, the one thing that can not only speed up your visit, but also make sure that your sample is not mistaken for someone else’s is to […]

  • Wet and Wild Party Ideas!

    First thing we should all think about is safety.  Depending on the number of persons you have invited, you may want to designate a few to watch over the pool area at all times (or rotate the duties) so no children or under the influence adults become hurt.  Another suggestion is to hire a trained […]

  • Summer Showpiece! 

    Pool install creates fashionable, functional outdoor living space in Chester By Fred Sgambati   Jim and Whipple Kanellakos of Bedford, Nova Scotia have a strong affinity for family, fun and the value of outdoor living spaces. When it came time for them to consider a swimming pool, they knew exactly what they wanted and where […]

  • Refresh your Safety Knowledge

    When it comes to safety, you can never be too careful.  This is why we have made June safety month here at R&R Pools.  So before the season gets into full swing and the parties are happening every weekend, refresh your safety knowledge on water and chemical safety. Water Safety Water safety is a huge […]

  • The Benefits of Pool Workouts

    If you’re giving the treadmill some space – say, behind the hot water heater – maybe it’s time to think about taking your workout outside. No, not to the gym. You can get an amazing, calorie burning, muscle firming, metabolism-boosting, waist-trimming workout, right in your own backyard! Turns out your backyard pool, no matter how […]