• Why You Need to Test Your Pool Water at Home

    Ensuring your pool water is safe and clean is vital for the well-being of your loved ones. While monthly professional tests are essential, relying solely on them isn’t sufficient. Regular at-home testing is equally crucial, offering several key benefits: Incorporate regular at-home testing into your pool care routine alongside monthly professional checks. By detecting and […]

  • Mastering Your Pool’s Water Chemistry

    Navigating your pool’s water chemistry can feel daunting, especially with the abundance of conflicting information online. But understanding these basics can save you from potential pool problems and ensure a safe swimming environment. Here’s what you need to know: Regular testing is crucial, with professional testing monthly and at-home testing weekly using strips or reagent […]

  • Understanding your Sand Filter – Part 1

    Does your pool equipment make you feel over-whelmed, and anxiety ridden?  Your pool filter is an important part of your pool circulation system and if it is not working properly you can end up with a pool that is inviting an algae bloom.  If you don’t understand the parts and settings on your pool filter […]

  • Keep Critters Out and Enjoy Your Pool in Peace!

    Are you tired of finding unexpected visitors in your pool? From ducks to frogs, wildlife can sometimes turn your relaxing swim into a rescue mission. But fear not—there are plenty of humane ways to keep your pool free from critters while still enjoying nature from a distance. Here are some unique solutions to keep ducks, […]

  • Maximize Your Pool’s Potential with a Solar Blanket!

    Considering a solar blanket for your pool? Here’s why it’s a smart investment: While solar blankets offer numerous benefits, we recommend removing them during the day to prevent algae growth in warm, stagnant water. Invest in a solar roller (insert link to: https://www.rrpools.ca/shop/category/solar-rollers-and-accessories/) for hassle-free use – it makes taking the blanket on and off […]

  • Unlock Peace of Mind with a Pool Inspection!

    Are you or someone you know contemplating purchasing a house with a swimming pool?  You wouldn’t purchase a home with a house inspection, so why would you purchase a swimming pool without having it inspected? Home inspectors are not qualified to examine the pool and its equipment unless they are a CPI (Certified Pool/Spa Inspector), […]

  • Understanding your Maintenance Equipment

    Pool maintenance is a breeze with the proper tools at your disposal.  Maintenance equipment, while not complex, is some of the most important parts of your pool care routine and maintenance. Each piece of equipment should be rinsed off after use and allowed to dry.  Periodically inspecting them for damage and replacing them when needed. […]

  • 9 tips on storing pool chemicals

    The chemicals used in your swimming pool to keep the water clean and safe to use can also be potentially dangerous and can present hazards if not used or stored properly.  Here are 9 tips for storing your chemicals. Keep out of reach of little hands and paws Without placing the chemicals too high that […]

  • Discover the Power of Robotic Pool Cleaners!

    Robotic pool cleaners are all the rage, especially among gadget-loving dads (they are a great gift for father’s day)! But how do they work, and are they worth the investment? Let’s dive in: So, is it worth the cost?  Many times, clients who have owned a pool for years, but have just invested in a […]