Pool Opening Tips


It’s time to begin prepping!

Hayward Pro Series FilterWith summer not too far away, everyone is starting to think about opening their pool, but before you do, remember to prepare and ensure everything is in good condition at least a week before beginning.  This will provide you with enough time to contact your local pool professional if there are any issues that need to be addressed prior to your actual opening date.  Remember, some items are special order and may not be ready on the day you are, so preparing your opening first keeps you from having any down time with the task and can save on frustration levels.

Here are some helpful hints you may want to consider:

  • How old is your filter media?  Sand should be replaced every 3-5 years and glass filter media should be changed every 8-10 years.  If your media is ready to be changed, then now is the perfect time to do this project.  Changing the media in the spring before starting up will save you time as the sand is already dry, instead of being wet and clumpy.  Check out this previous blog on the procedure, complete with tips and advice.  http://www.rrpools.ca/blog/need-a-sand-change-diy-today/ Don’t forget to examine the inner laterals and standpipe of your filter for even the smallest crack.  Finding these issues now can save you down time with your pool as you can order in the replacement parts before you’re ready to start up the system.
  • Check around the pool area to ensure you do not see any issues that need to be addressed such as a pool leak (loss of water), cracks within the decking and the pool ladder / steps etc.  If you have a diving board and/or slide, ensure you look for even the smallest hairline cracks within the units.
  • Pull out the supplies you put away for the winter and confirm they are still where you thought you placed them (Although you may find this to be a strange tip, our most sought-after products in the beginning stages, next to chemicals, is replacement baskets, site glasses and pressure gauges).   Also check that there have been no issues with cracking or breaking with these parts.
  • If you are looking to have a pool professional open your pool, make sure you book in plenty of time as the prime dates book up quickly.  Those who wait to long, may end up with a June opening and may experience cloudy water issues with a late opening, you want your pool to be open and ready when you are.

Once the pool is up and running:

You should wait at least 48 hours before bringing a sample in to your local pool professional for water testing.  The chemicals used to winterize the pool need time to circulate through the system to provide an accurate reading, so we do not overdose the pool with any balancing chemicals.

Your water sample should be taken elbow deep, away from skimmers and returns.  If you do not have a sample bottle from your local pool professional, we recommend that you use a rinsed-out pop or water bottle – NEVER use an old juice container.

Always bring a list of the chemicals you have at home in with you when you do a water test.  As chemicals are a non-returnable product, for liability reasons, this helps to eliminate the duplicating of chemicals you already have on hand.

If you wish to have our team complete your pool opening, please click this link to be directed to our booking page.  www.rrpools.ca/services/swimming-pool-opening/

Should you have any further questions regarding the opening of your pool or have located any issues while prepping for your opening, please feel free to call us at 902-876-2773

Now let’s get these pools open and enjoy a fabulous summer!

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