Are you searching for a broader range of options in pool heat pumps?

Check out the InverTitan from Madimack!

Designed and engineered to meet the highest requirements for cooling and heating options, with full inverter compressor and top discharge fans for streamlined efficient air flow. Powerful performance supported by the latest eco-friendly technology. Enjoy new possibilities for pool heating and cooling with the space saving and slick design of the InverTITAN. Limited space is no longer a concern. Full Stepless DC Compressor, marine grade aluminum alloy casing, Twisted Titanium Heat Exchanger and Madimack’s Advanced Sound Suppression Technology for whisper quiet operation.


  • Soft Start – InverTITAN will start from 0 amps and increase steadily protecting electrical systems.
  • Operation down to 14°F – Built to operate in the coldest weather and extend your pool season into the winter.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi – Built-in Wi-Fi and smart app provides convenience to control your pump on-the-go.
  • Twin-rotary compressor – Significantly reduced operating noise.
  • Electronic expansion valve – Optimized flow of refrigerant 20% higher COP.
  • Twisted titanium heat exchanger – Increased area for heat exchange 40% higher efficiency.
  • Smart & quick defrosting – InverTITAN is equipped with reverse cycle defrosting detecting frost accumulation during operation and automatically switches to defrosting mode.

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