Madimack InverTITAN Heat Pump


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Product Description

Efficiency To Keep You Swimming In Your Pool Longer

Stepless DC Inverter allows full control over the speed of the compressor and fan motor. InverTITAN will adjust precisely and intelligently to the heat demand of your swimming pool to maintain stable temperature throughout the season.

Double Energy Saving

InverTITAN runs at full speed at the beginning of the season to heat your pool faster. Once close to reaching set temperature, it will adjust to low-speed operation and maintain stable temperature throughout the season. InverTITAN will achieve double energy saving compared to single speed On/Off heat pumps.

COP Up To 14.6

Based on the principle of low-speed performance, InverTITAN can achieve COP of up to 14.6 when operating at 20% capacity.

45x Quieter

Advanced Features & Benefits

Additional Information


IVT090 [90,000 BTU]


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