Archive: Jul 2014

  • The Top 7 things you can do for energy savings

    A swimming pool is a place of relaxation and summer fun. It just hits the spot on a hot summer day with friends. What else could you ask for? Energy efficiency can be gained through all aspects of your home including your swimming pool. Sometimes just a few simple tweaks can save a lot of […]

  • R&R Pools top question of the year about swimming pools

    The swimming pool season is in full swing now. Everyone survived Tropical storm Arthur without too much damage I hope. Seems everyone had a chance to read R&R Pools information about preparing for a storm. The most important thing we say during any kind of wind storm or hurricane is PLEASE TURN YOUR POOL OFF! No one […]

  • Summer has hit at R&R Pools

    Hello summer, where have you been? It feels like we have waited forever for you to show up. Now you are finally here and we at R&R Pools are ready! Have you been in yet this year? Did you like how the store is looking? How is your pool doing do far? Did you get […]