The Top 7 things you can do for energy savings


A swimming pool is a place of relaxation and summer fun. It just hits the spot on a hot summer day with friends. What else could you ask for?

Energy efficiency can be gained through all aspects of your home including your swimming pool. Sometimes just a few simple tweaks can save a lot of money and energy. A pool pump is sometimes the second largest drain on your power bill which is a drain on your wallet. Follow these steps to reduce the pain and enjoy your pool once again.

  1. Use a pool cover! Using a bubble, thermal or automatic cover saves you lots of money! If one just will not suit, consider using a liquid solar blanket like Cover Free. It’s not a 100% replacement but keeping both heat in and water loss (think evaporation) down is important in saving money, energy and frustration. Use the blanket especially at night when the air tends to steal away all that new heat. Lowers water loss, heat loss and reduces chemical usage.
  2. Consider swapping your electric or gas heater for solar or a heatpump. A heatpump is 80% more efficient than the other guys. And it works really well in our Nova Scotia climate. Solar is also a good pick as it gives free heat once installed.
  3. Keep your heat turned down a bit. 78 degrees is the most healthful temperature for our bodies so consider dialing it back a few degrees and reap dual rewards.
  4. Look at new pump options. Using a timer can actually cost you more money in problems but it’s true if you run the pool less you can save money. There are new variable speed pumps that will allow you to dial back how fast the water is moving therefore saving energy and money. Or consider a 2 speed aboveground pump and only use the lower speed. Omit the timer function, it can be a bit of a hassle.
  5. Keep your baskets clean and clear from debris. Debris restrict flow causing the pump to work harder and therefore using more energy than needed to do its job.
  6. Use LED lights in your pool. Just like you can do it in your home you can save money and energy on bulbs for your swimming pool! Check to see if your current lights can be retro fitted. We even offer neat return lights for both abovegrounds and ingrounds which work completely off of your pools water flow without any water obstruction!
  7. Be proactive! Keep an eye on water leaks. If you think you have a leak you usually do. Even a little drip can amount of a large waste. They can usually be fixed fairly easily. And leaks waste money and water!

Give a few of these a try and watch the savings grow.

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