Why not all pools are created equal


Ever wonder why your neighbours pool is crystal clear and yours is not?  Why your brother spends less time on his pool than what you do?  Not all pools have the same requirements and there are different factors that can affect the outcome.

Brand of Chemicals

Chemicals do not have the same concentration levels; some contain fillers while others have a higher amount of the product you require.  Purchasing from a pool store over a box store can save you money as well, since you will require less chemicals to get the same concentration level.

Usage of pools

A pool that is used less than another will use less sanitizer for its upkeep.  As well, the lotions, make-up, detergents etc. we use on a regular basis will also play a part in the chemical upkeep.  Those who shower, or at the very least rinse off, prior to swimming is introducing less of these products into the water.

Sun / Heat

The temperature of the pool also plays a factor.  A heated pool or a pool that receives a lot of sunlight will burn through the sanitizer faster than a pool that is cooler / shadier.


The shape of your pool can also make a difference, a pool that has more dead spots (corners, obstacles blocking water flow) requires more maintenance to keep an algae bloom from beginning.  We recommend at least once a week brushing, concentrating in these locations.

In summary, not all pools are the same and have difference recommendations.  See your local pool professional once a month for a water test and discuss any issues you may be noticing as they can help provide you with tips and tricks based on your personal pool situation.

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