Who says taking care of a pool is time consuming? NOT US!

At R&R Pools we love educating our customers. It’s a pleasure when we can help a pool owner get more time to themselves and keep that pool looking fabulous for just minutes a week. With the right tools and the right guide pool ownership just got simple!

R&R Pools has the BioGuard 5 Minute Smart Pak maintenance system and when used with Optimizer Plus (See below) we offer an Algae-Free Guarantee (See us for details). We have all the cool tools, the right attitude, and a great team of highly knowledgeable staff ready to teach you a few tricks and solve any problems you might have. Of course, we always have free water testing for all our customers because without the right water balance you might be fighting a losing battle.


Pools with lots of trees need extra care. All those leaves need to go somewhere, and that means someone has to remove them. But fret not. Got leaves? Come on over and see one of the R&R Crew and pick up a leaf bagger and save yourself some hassle.


Don’t forget to give the pool a quick brushing… Everywhere! No need to vacuum if you cannot see the debris, just get out that brush. Do this every week and with just minutes, you can maintain clear, sparkling, inviting water. For more information on the BioGuard 3-Step Program, to have your water tested or for more free tips come on in and see our team at R & R Pools.


• All the benefits of salt water without the hassle!

• Enhances your sanitizer efficiency.

• Once a year application.

• Helps improve water balance.

• Noticeably softens the water so it feels gentle on your skin.

• For use in all pool and spa types.


Using the 5 minute Smart Pak + Optimizer plus enrolls you in our GREEN FREE guarantee! Ask our team for details and never have green water EVER again!

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