What’s new for Spas with R&R Pools?


We have been listening to our clients and found a few new hot tub products that we think you are going to love!!!

One area that a lot of customers have had concerns about is the scum line.  Ugh! No one wants to sit in water that has a visible scum line or bathtub ring.  So, we looked and found a water line eraser by ProAqua.  This eraser has a built-in handle and comes with 3 replacement pads, so go ahead and remove that scum line before the guests arrive.  We also stock the replacement pads for when you need to refill.

In keeping with the cleaning of your spa / hot tub, we also brought in the ProAqua Cleaning Spa Glove.  During a drain and refill, use the glove to clean the acrylic before you add the fresh water.  This glove is a soft microfibre with an elastic wristband and does not require any chemicals to clean and protect the acrylic of your investment.

Also new to us in the spa cleaning line is the “Spa Pad”.  This pad is a non-scratch acrylic spa pad made from crushed walnut shells.  It won’t scratch your acrylic or other spa surfaces while removing dirt and grime from your spa / hot tub.  The spa pad is lasting and reusable giving you a clean look. 

These 3 items will help to keep your spa gleaming and looking new so all you need to do before guests pop in is to give it a quick swipe, test the chemistry and add some of your favorite scents for a enjoyable relaxing evening.

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