What’s new at R&R Pools for 2014


What’s new at R&R Pools for 2014

Posted by The Team at R&R Pools on Mon, May 19, 2014 @ 40:09 AM

We have been busy making changes to our store, getting things ready for the season, ordering new products and stocking our favorites. The staff have finished all their training and we are ready to share with you all that we have learned.

Spring has finally sprung!

Our Opening seminar was held this year on May 1st. We introducing our new Saltscapes line. For those of you that were not able to attend, please drop in the store and talk to one of the girls, they will be glad to discuss anything you may have questions about.

We have so many new things to share with you this year. The list goes on and on!

More and more stuff is arriving daily and we are getting so excited. We are very excited about our new outdoor beverage ware. Made from polycarbonate, this unbreakable beverage ware is perfect for poolside. Let me tell you I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. This beverage ware is so durable that the demonstration that is involved is dropping it on the floor or tossing it at a wall. How fun is that? How many stores can you go into today that encourage you to drop the glass on the floor? Not to many I bet.

Another new product we have in this year is the fence hooks, made from solid aluminum with powder coated finish, these hooks are great for toys, hoses, poles anything that can be put up away from the pool area, making it safer for all. We are carrying 4 sizes of the double hooks (black) and 2 sizes the singles (white).

Lets not forget the robotic vacuums. The hottest things on the market these days! Giving all the pool owners the opportunity to save money through out the season and not to mention the time you will save with the robotic vacuum doing all the work for you! With it only costing a few cents a day to run and assisting in keeping your pool sparkle with its own filtration system inside the vacuum you will save money on chemicals all season long. WE carry both in ground and above ground pool robotic vacuums.

If you haven’t checked out our SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care System yet, please do, it is one of the new lines we have this year for our salt customers. Anyone using salt knows how important it is to have your water checked for your PH level on a regular basis, as we all know what high PH can do to the swimming and the pool itself.

We at R&R Pools believe that all pool owners whether in ground or above ground, or pools that blow up deserve the same safe swimming environment. We have products for all pools. We have even brought in a shock this year for the blow up pools called “Who peed in my pool”. This products is a shock for the pool the eliminates things such as sweat, pee, sunscreen and much more. This is similar to the angry egg we carry, but this is a weekly treatment, and the unique thing about this product is , you can watch it fizz and see it in action while it makes your pool safe for all swimmers. Click the image below to watch a small video on the product.

There is just so many new products, lots of new toys, oh and the loungers and floating chairs we have in this year gives you a variety to choose from comfort, to cup holders, to air filled to multi purpose, in water or on deck! To the ones you can roll up and take everywhere. One for everyones needs!

Come on in to the store and check out all the great stuff we have for you this year, don’t forget to bring in 1LT of water and have your pool tested while you are in, You have to get it tested in May to qualify for your free gift from us in September. Ask us how when you are in!

See you soon!

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