What to plant around your swimming pool for a no fuss, pretty backyard


It’s a fine line between creating a jungle and a masterpiece so we asked Kelly Grant from Bloom Greenhouse on the Hammonds Plains road for her tips and tricks in creating a masterpiece that pulls plants and pool together without a time consuming commitment.

Here is what she suggests:

Generally you want to stay away from anything that will create messy debris including fruiting or berried plants. You may also consider plants that are not too fussy or susceptible to diseases or pest infestations.

When using shrubs, chose dwarf sizes or varieties that can be easily trimmed. This year I would recommend choosing summer flowering plants (July, August and September) as in NS we generally aren’t out much in spring!  And don’t forget to use containers for annuals and to add interest to your deck!

Trees make a wonderful addition to any backyard. Consider trees that will grow slower and do not have invasive roots such as willows. Japanese Maples like the Bloodgood is about 12-15 ft tall and wide but a slow grower whereas a smaller cut-leaf Japanese Maples are lovely but may need protection from hot afternoon sun. Standards make small trees perfect for around a pool.  I like the standard ‘Limelight’ Hydrangea and standard ‘Paliban’ Lilac. A paperbark maple as also a favourite!

Shrubs are easy to grow and don’t take up much space. Hydrangeas are lovely- there are lots to pick from and the blooms dry out rather than flutter away causing messy debris. Hibiscus are very showy however their large blossoms do fall off but are easy to discard. Barberries have amazing colour- burgundy and gold varieties. They have small thorns so I don’t situate them where there is major traffic. They are compact and easy to maintain.

In the perennial department grasses are a must! There are many sizes to choose from- small- Blue Oat grass, ‘Hameln’ Fountain grass, Little Blue stem- larger- All Miscanthus (Maiden) grasses. Herbs also work really well; choose ones like parsley, chives, and basil however put the invasives like mint and oregano in a container. In the garden consider Coneflower, Black eyed susan’s, Salvia, and Lamb’s ears.

Some beautiful annuals to consider could include the Canna Lily, Elephant Ears, Coleus and Veggies- try tomatoes in a container on your deck for a punch of colour and easy growing.

Don’t forget to use common sense when planning out vegetation for your backyard. The more vegetation that falls into the pool the more work you have to do and the more water treatment products you may need to purchase.

Don’t plant any trees too close or over the pool. This can damage the structure of the pool and again be messy.

Remember planning is key to a perfect paradise.

For more information on Bloom’s design services contact kelly@bloomgreenhouse.com, 902-403-8768 or mail@bloomgreenhouse.com, 832-9268 

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