Welcome to the R&R Blog!


Welcome to the R&R Blog!

Posted by Kara Redden on Wed, May 01, 2013 @ 57:02 PM

Welcome to our first blog!

It has been 30 years. Hard to believe really, since I am only 29 this year, but I hear it’s true. If you read Derek’s letter in our 2013 magazine, he thinks so too. Where has all the time gone? One thing is right, time flies when you are having fun!

As we make plans for our 2013 season, we bring back some of our seasoned staff and add to that some fresh and fun newbies to make up our 2013 R&R Team. The staff are trained, seminar dates are set, enewsletters are made and sales are ready to be sprung!

Now we wait with excitement!     

While we wait let me tell you a bit about me.

Kara's Hair



My Name is Kara Redden. Our family has owned and operated Redden & Raffel Pools for 30 years. Personally I have been in the swimming pool industry for about 15 years. And I love it. I get to work with my family and husband most days while bringing Nova Scotian families closer together. Ryan and I have a dog Tillie which some days helps me service customers and two cats which stay at home. We don’t own a pool (what? Ask me why not…) but enjoy a nice hot tub night most evenings. I enjoy reading, learning, travelling and working many hours.



At work, I am for the most part the go-to or problem solver. Or the nosy one, that knows almost everything if you prefer.  I like to get myself in the thick of things and involve myself with the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada, LeisureScapes and Café. For me one project is not enough.

And I love education, I just can’t get enough. I plan our personal vacations around pool seminars and courses, how fun is that. I feel it is important for me and Ryan (my hubby and co-worker) to be well educated so we are up-to-date with products, techniques and ways to make pool life even easier than it already is. We then translate that into what we offer as a company. I am a firm believer that you can only make the best decision if you have all the information. And these days misinformation is everywhere.

So here we are, writing an educational blog to help clarify that misinformation.  We all don’t have enough time in the day to research everything to death so I plan to hit the most asked or talked about issues that irk me or are asked of our team. A long overdue project that I am now crossing off my list.

And the best way to get content is from you! Please feel free to send in any questions or items you would love to have answered or explained. Tell me what bothers or confuses you. Because that’s the issue I want to help solve. Call us 902.876.2773, email us info@rrpools.ca or drop in and tell us.

So Welcome to our Blog! I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a little R&R- you deserve it.

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