Water Safety starts with You!


Water Safety starts with You!

Posted by The Team at R&R Pools on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 04:11 AM

Water safety is a big concern for everyone. The very first water safety program to address drowning in Canada was in 1946 with the Canadian Red Cross. R & R Pools have joined hands in 2013 with the Life Saving Society. We are helping educate grade 3 students in Metro Halifax the skills to survive in water.

R & R Pools want everyone to be able to enjoy their backyard vacation spot without any preventable injuries to our friends and loved ones. The number one thing being of course is to never leave a young child alone in or around the swimming pool. A child can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. If you must answer the phone or get a towel, take the child with you. Also, be aware of backyard pools in your neighborhood or apartment building; your child could wander off to play and if a gate is not closed, your child could be in danger of drowning.

Another great preventative is to enroll children in swimming lessons taught by a qualified instructor. This does not prevent all accidents, but it helps our children to be more aware. The next would be to closely supervise children when they are diving or jumping in the pool. Head and back injuries are likely to occur during these activities. It is always important to check inflatable floating devices to ensure that they are staying on and or not losing air. For children that are using these to assist in swimming, they can come loose and fall off in matter of minutes. Many children forget how to swim when panic and stress sets in.

Each city has their own set of fencing laws so it is important to enclose your pool with a fence, wall or other barrier at least 4 feet tall. Install self-latching gates that open outward.

We at R & R Pools also recommend that you keep a cordless phone or cell phone in the pool area that has 911 preprogrammed; during a panic situation it is always best to be prepared.

Be safe, it is not only our little ones that we should concern ourselves about. We adults tend to stretch our luck sometimes, like having alcohol beverages before swimming; this can slow down your reaction time and make you more susceptible to drowning and other injuries. It is also recommended that adults take adequate swimming lessons and to never swim alone. Make sure all hoses and toys are picked up around the pool so no one can trip and fall in the pool.

We cannot stress how important it is to be safe while vacationing in your back yard. When you travel, you see a lifeguard at every public pool, when one is not present the pool is locked up with no entry access to the public. So when you are enjoying your vacation in your back yard it should be the same. Safety equals hours of enjoyable fun for all family and friends and neighbours.

For more information on Water Safety in your area please contact us at R&R Pools at 902-876-2773, or the Canadian Red Cross at 1-877-356-3226.

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