Use Winter to Design Your Dream Pool for Spring Installation


It’s said that for everything, there is a season. While winter might seem like the season to pull the blankets over your head and hibernate, we have another purpose for winter: dreaming about summer. After all, there’s nothing like a good fantasy to get you through those too-short days and howling winds. Instead of letting your mind wander aimlessly over imaginary white-sand beaches, why not think about something a little more concrete – if you’ll pardon the pun – and plan your dream pool-scape while you drive home from work in the dark?

Here’s what’s keeping us going this winter: the hottest pool designs, hardscapes, and landscapes that are guaranteed to make a splash in just a few short months.

  1. Guest house: Think of it as a cabana on steroids. It doesn’t matter if right now, the closest thing you have to a guest house is an unused tool shed; with creativity and either handyman skills or inexpensive labour, you can convert just about any existing structure into a pastel paradise that blends seamlessly with the look of your pool.
  2. Infinity pool: Who says your new pool has to be at grade? Taking advantage of your property’s natural features may mean installing an infinity pool that allows for breathtaking views of the valley or lake below; a vanishing edge or negative edge like this example is an even more breathtaking option.
  3. Serious landscaping: You don’t have to own a Spanish colonial villa to feel like you do, if you put serious thought into your landscaping. Forget about hastily thrown-in perennials and those bulbs that wind up as squirrel food; say hello to sculpted hedges and wow-factor shrubbery that will complement the size, shape, and style of your pool and backyard. Here is your chance to sketch out colours, heights, textures…what could be more exciting on a cold winter’s day?
  4. Go natural: Avoid geometric lines and a sterile, ultra-modern effect; instead, take advantage of nature’s beauty to design a wildlife-friendly retreat you will want to spend the entire afternoon in, right in your own backyard.
  5. Stepping stones: Okay, so Halifax doesn’t have many palm trees, but you get the idea. These stepping stones are a beautiful way to ‘walk on water’ and can be used to link disparate structures in your backyard.
  6. Go brick or go home: Large interlocking pavers and natural stones are wonderful, but sometimes there is nothing like classic brick to create a versatile patio, courtyard or retaining wall (or all three!) that will accent your pool with striking or whimsical designs.
  7. Tuscan charm: Once you’ve put in a pool, you’ll need something to sit on beside it while you sunbathe. Think about unifying accents like seating and urns that can lend a European feel to your pool.
  8. Curtains: If traditional striped pool house curtains aren’t for you, trying draping your cabana in something a little more sheer and gauzy for a look that’s reminiscent of tropical breezes.
  9. Gazing globes: Either you love them (or at least get the point of them), or you don’t. The good news is they are quite inexpensive and likely to make a good conversation piece either way.
  10. Boulders: They don’t have to make your poolside ambiance look like a couple of ogres were playing chess and forgot to clean up their mess. Large, irregular boulders can actually be made to look incredibly elegant.

Still need more pool designs to chase away the winter doldrums? We’ve got lots of ideas for what will look great in your backyard in spring 2019. Call to book a consultation and get ahead of the pack!

negative edge pool

negative edge pool


sculpted hedges

sculpted hedges


Maine Retreat

wow factor shrubbery

 Balfoort Architecture, Inc.

stepping stones


classic brick

unifying accents

unifying accents


gauzy curtains
Watermill Residence

gazing globes

George W. Girvin & Associates, Inc.

large irregular boulders

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