Have you ever dreamed of living life in exotic resorts and high-end hotels? Or maybe something like in the pictures of the homes of the rich and famous?  You can get the look and feel of these dream spaces for much less then you would expect.  The following swimming pool features are practical, sophisticated and beautiful.  They will add class and functionality while transforming your pool into the backyard retreat you’ve always wanted.

Every pool owner should feel a certain amount of wow factor in their own backyard, not to impress guests or neighbours, but simply because when you’re home you want to be able to say to yourself, “there is no place I’d rather be.”  Whether you are considering a pool for the first time or just dreaming about a renovation at least one of these features is guaranteed to meet your family’s needs and enhance your backyard’s elegance while still being affordable.


Tanning Ledges and Toddler Shelves – These ledges can be placed as a big first step or an off to the side addition.  Due to their shallow and consistent depth they are great to lounge on or for little kids to play.  Add a bubbler for a water feature which not only helps keep the ledge cleaner, but is assured to delight the kids and look great for entertaining.  A ledge/shelf can fit into any pool design, offering you more ways to customize your backyard and they are certain to be the luxurious centerpiece of your inground swimming pool.

Full Width Steps – Grace and convenience all in one!  Modernize your pool with inside full width steps. Full width steps add a level of sophistication while providing the ultimate in ease of entry to the pool.  They work with all types of automatic pool covers and do not add to the length of your pool. Everyone loves to sit on the steps! Combine these steps with a ledge for even more usefulness.


Fire Features – Nothing awes us like fire! Fire features are designed to inspire, they provide splendor and elegance to any backyard space.  During the daytime fire features are calming and encourage relaxation.  After dark they provide a warm glow and create a dramatic mood allowing home owners to use their pools late into the evening. You can even combine fire and water and really wow your guests.


Water Features – Great pool design is often accomplished by the water itself: the colour, its clarity and how it refracts the light.  When you add a vertical component of moving water the design comes to life, transforming the space into a work of art.  From bubblers, water bowls and waterfalls to laminar jets the look and sound of moving water soothes our soul.  Nothing beats the tranquil and relaxing sounds of moving water. Not only do water features enhance the look of your backyard, they help you to unwind and they are a lot of fun.


Automation – Stay cutting edge with backyard automation.  Homeowners can enjoy controlling their backyard and pool all from the same app directly from their smartphone, tablet, remote control or the unit itself.  Automation systems are simple to use and eliminates guessing games. Control your heat, lighting, water features and check on your automatic safety cover. The systems are adjustable to fit your lifestyle and allow you to personalize settings for each family member.  They will minimize your maintenance; sensing and dispensing your chemicals to keep your pool perfectly balanced.  They can also allow you to set schedules to maximize energy efficiency for heating, cleaning and filtration.


Incorporating any of these features into your space will enrich your backyard.  They are practical and beautiful, and more affordable than you thought.  If you are considering adding value to your home by investing in a new pool, or renovating your existing one, contact R&R Pools. We will help you to create the backyard of your dreams while keeping you on budget.

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