Top 3 Ways to Reduce Chlorine Consumption


Everyone with a swimming pool at home knows how things can somewhat go out of control if the chemicals aren’t maintained properly.

Your pool’s pH and total alkalinity (TA) should stay at the recommended levels; otherwise, it will negatively impact the function of chemicals—more so chlorine. So, how can you make pool maintenance easier and reduce chlorine consumption?

Here are 3 chlorine alternatives plus a bonus** that will help you get rid of organic buildups in your pool.  Be sure to check out the follow up blogs in this series, over the next few weeks, where we will take a more in-depth look at each individual alternative.

1. Ionizer (Clearblue)

The Clearblue ionizer system is one of the best ways of reducing chlorine consumption. The ions are long-lasting and thereby evaporate or dissipate regardless of the water pH and temperature.

What’s more, you get to control algae and bacteria without having to use toxic chemicals. This reduces your chemical consumption by up to 90%.

How Clearblue Compares to Other Ionizers

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Clearblue ionizer to reduce chlorine consumption:

  • Unlike other ionizers that only use copper, Clearblue uses a laboratory tested blend of pure zinc, copper, and silver. That’s why it can efficiently control algae and bacteria without overloading your pool with minerals.
  • It’s simple to operate compared to other modes, which incorporate both copper oxidization and ionization.
  • In terms of price, Clearblue is reasonably priced.

2. UV Pool Sterilizer

Typically, most pool owners use the UV pool sterilizer alongside chlorine or bromine. It can kill sanitizer-resistant pathogens and will improve water circulation in the pool. This, in turn, helps eliminate “dead zones” that provide a conducive environment for algae growth.

How It Works

The UV rays destroy microorganisms’ ability to survive after passing through the cell membrane. It’s plumbed inline and will effectively sanitize the water. This has an overall effect of:

  • Reducing the general microbial populations.
  • Reducing the amount of sanitizer needed to keep the pool algae-free.

UV also requires low quantities of traditional sanitizers such as chlorine to help maintain optimum water quality. 

Some of the benefits of capitalizing on this approach for pool cleaning include:

  • It’s an environment-friendly process.
  • It’s one of the safest pool maintenance methods to employ.
  • Highly effective
  • Non-corrosive

3. Ozone Generator

As you know, ozone plays a significant role in protecting the earth’s flora and fauna from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. But did you know that you can also use it to eliminate harmful pathogens in your swimming pool?

How’s that even possible?

Typically, ozone tends to be relatively unstable, meaning you can’t purchase it in cylinders as you do with other gaseous chemicals. You’ll have to use an ozonator or ozone generator to generate it on-site.

How It Works

Technicians usually install ozone generators in your pool’s circulation system. When the water passes through it, ozone sanitizes it before returning to the pool.

Since ozone isn’t safe for humans, you must install the generator outdoors. Depending on where you live, you might have to install an ozone detection system with your generator as an added precaution. 

Bonus item! Optimizer Plus

If you have heard us once, you have heard us say a million times, Optimizer Plus is a product you just gotta have!

In addition to its smooth feeling, it’s ability to control algae has us singing high praises. There is a really good reason this product is a requirement in the white glove pools we treat, it is the ultimate insurance policy against algae growth. When you use Borate technology you allow the chlorine to go after what it is there for – the really icky stuff, letting the Optimizer keep plant life at bay. In comparison to other supplementary sanitizers Optimizer Plus is inexpensive and doesn’t require large top ups during the season or maintenance to keep it going.

In Sum

Remember, your swimming pool should cater to both your lifestyle and budget. Take maximum advantage of these supplemental sanitizers to help reduce chlorine consumption and sustain your swimming pool in the ideal condition.  

Are you looking for alternatives to chlorine in and around Nova Scotia? Reach out to our team, and we will help you find a solution that will work best for your needs. Get in touch with R&R Pools at today!

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