Enjoy your swimming pool, but finding the season too short, or want the heat to last longer so you can extend your season?  Here are a few tips to help you accomplish that…

Using a Solar Blanket.  Yes, a solar blanket does help to retain the heat in your swimming pool.  We recommend having the blanket off the water during the day so the sun itself can help to heat the pool, but in the evenings, it is recommended to put the blanket back on the pool.  This will not only help to retain the heat but will also help to prevent heat and water loss due to evaporation as the cooler night air tries to cool off the swimming pool.  Pair the solar blanket with a solar reel as it makes the cover easier for one person to put it on and take it off the pool. 

Try a Liquid Solar Cover.  A liquid cover – such as BioGuard’s Smart Shield or Natural Chemistry’s Cover Free – can help to retain the heat and prevent heat and water loss from evaporation.  Although they do not work as well as a solar blanket, they will provide protection against heat loss.   

Solar Heat Panels, such as Enersol’s solar panels will help to heat your water using the sun.  The panels are best installed in an area that receives a lot of sun throughout the day and for best results, install them facing south.  The panels are plumbed into your existing equipment before the return to the pool.  Your pool pump is the only piece of equipment required to filter the water through the panels and then back into the pool.   

The solar panels can be installed on a roof or on the ground.  (Here is a link to their website for further information: Unfortunately, because they depend on the sun to heat the water, should the sun hide away for a few days, your water may begin to cool off.   

We recommend pairing the solar heating with a solar blanket during the nights to help maintain the heat they provide. 

Our most popular method of heating a swimming pool is the Heat Pump.  We carry the Titan brand of Heat Pumps and have for many seasons due to the quality of their product. 

A heat pump is connected to your current pool equipment and the water travels through the heat pump after being filtered through your system.  The warmed water is then returned to your swimming pool.  The heat pump uses the outside air, as well as a heat exchanger to warm the water and can extend your swimming pool season the longest of all the methods mentioned. 

Here is the link for further information on a Titan Pool Heat Pump: 

As with the other methods of heating your pool, a solar blanket is recommended to be used in conjunction with a heat pump during the nights to help maintain the heat and prevent water and heat loss due to evaporation. 

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