Think you know pool safety? Take our quiz!


As pool owners and as parents we take safety around the swimming pool very seriously.  We have been promoting safety around the pool every June and have posted many blogs on the subject.  Now lets see if you know your pool safety with this quick quiz!

Welcome to your Do you know pool safety?

1.  A child can drown in as little as ____ inches of water

What is the primary layer of safety?

True or False – Drowning does not happen if you know how to swim.

True or False - You should always jump in the water to help someone who is in trouble.

Which of the following items should be kept poolside

True or False – It’s okay to store liquid chemicals above your dry chemicals, so long as their caps are on tight.

The percentage of severe diving accidents involving alcohol consumption while swimming is:

True or False – Your pets can be sunburned if outside too long.

For safety reasons your Chlorine and pH levels should be:

Here in Nova Scotia, we have a by-law stating that a fence is required around the yard / pool area.  What is the height restriction of a fence according to the by-law?

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