The Sand Filter is Leaking Water!


Oh no, there seems to be a leak in your sand filter!  Where is the leak located at?  Below find common areas for filter leaks and the possible solutions for each.

Water is leaking from the backwash line

  1. The handle may not be seated properly. Push the handle around and place back into position

2.  The gasket inside the multiport valve may have become worn or loose.  Some models of filters have a replacement gasket available, some models do not, if yours does not then the entire head would need to be changed out.  Be sure to have your make and model number ready to determine if a replacement is available. 

Due to safety issues R&R Pools will no longer install shut offs on leaky backwash lines.  A new filter head will be required.

Leaky Filter Tank

It is not safe to repair a cracked tank.  You should replace the tank with a new one (most times it is cheaper to replace the entire unit, then to replace just the tank.)  Patching a tank could lead to the eventual rupture of the body and can cause the pool to drain

Leaking air bleeder (Cartridge filter)

Typically, an O-ring or some Teflon tape will seal these up.

Leaking drain assembly 

Cross threaded cap is common. The drain plug or cap could be missing an O-ring or gasket. 

Leaking flange assembly

Top mount valves seal up to the tank with an O-ring and a tight clamp.  Examine this area to ensure your O-ring is not worn out or needing replacement.

Leaking bulkheads

Side mount valves have bulkheads on the tank with many spacers and gaskets.

Leaks where the pipes connect into valve

Cracks in valve from over-tight fittings. Try superglue or epoxy.  Most likely you will need a new filter head.

Need more help? Request a service call.

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