The air is a little chilly, but the pool looks so inviting.  You dip your toe into the water to discover it is freezing!  Why is the heat pump not heating up the water?  There are a couple of possible situations that may cause the heat pump not to work. 

  1. Check the breakers.  If the breaker has switched to the off position, the solution may be as simple as just flipping the breaker back to the “on” position. 
  1. What is the ambient air temperature?  If the ambient air temperature is below 10 degrees, wait until the temperature rises before starting up the heat pump.   
  1. Airflow – make sure there is nothing obstructing the airflow around unit.  It should be able to “breathe” at all times. 
  1. Flow rate.  Make sure the filter has been cleaned or backwashed, otherwise the pressure from the filter may not be enough for the heat pump to properly work. 
  1. Cleaning.  From time to time you may need to clean the unit.  Be sure to disconnect the power source.  Wash the unit using a mild detergent and a light spray to remove any accumulation of dirt, grass clippings etc.  Paying special attention to the evaporator area (the aluminum fins on the front 3 sides of the unit.)  Clean this area carefully with a soft brush and water, using caution not to bend or damage the aluminum fins.  This area absorbs the heat from the air.  The cleaner this area is kept the more efficiently the heat pump will operate. 
  1. Check the air coming out of the top of the unit.  This air should be noticeably colder than the ambient air temperature.  If it is not, you may have a compressor issue.  Contact your local pool professional for assistance. 

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