Have your recent family discussions been centered on whether a swimming pool in your backyard is what you really want?  Or do you know someone who is on the fence about having one installed?  Here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge to pool ownership.

Pools are a great way to add cardiovascular exercise to your lifestyle, placing the least amount of stress on your joints, unlike running or jogging.

Convenience, when the summer heat is more than you can take, but the beaches or public pools are so crowded that you can’t find a spot to lay out your towel.  Think of the convenience of having your own pool, no crowds, no screaming and crying children running around you, no sand being kicked onto your towel and in your hair.

Add to the convenience factor the idea that all family gatherings will now happen at your place where you can relax and be at home.  Pool parties are a great way to gather loved ones, and to create family memories that will last a lifetime.

Pools help to tire out children, putting them to sleep much sooner than if they have had no exercise, just sitting in front of a tablet or tv all day (Just remember, children should have 100% adult supervision when in and around a swimming pool).

Keep your teenagers close to home.  The house with the pool tends to be the “cool” place to hangout and as everyone wants to be there, you now know what your teen is doing.

A swimming pool not only helps children sleep; it will help you sleep as well.  As you swim and exercise, you are helping to relieve the stresses of the day and relax your mind.

Pool ownership is more of a lifestyle than a possession.  And as we always say “…everyone deserves a little R&R” so treat yourself and your family to the backyard oasis you have been dreaming about.

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