Do it Yourself: Spring Pool Opening


Spring Pool Opening

Posted by Brandy Redden on Wed, May 01, 2013 @ 44:01 PM

Spring Opening Made Easy

Opening your swimming pool can be super easy if you have some instruction and patience. Also great to have a friend to help you along. Use these tips to make your way through the hassle of opening your pool. By the end it won’t seem nearly so bad.

1. Remove, Clean & Store the Cover: Remove debris from the cover with your leaf net and drain the water off, either away from the pool or under the cover to raise the water level. Once you’ve removed the cover, clean it to prevent mildew, mold and nasty odors, store in a dry protected place away from critters.

Tip-Make sure there are no holes in the cover if you are removing all of the water. Otherwise you may find yourself draining your pool.

2. Winterizing Devices: Remove return plugs, skimmer gizmos and replace return  fittings, pressure gauges, drain caps, skimmer equipment and the pump (if removed).

Tip- returns should be on a 45 degree downward angle away from the skimmer for proper circulation.

3. Top off The Pool: The water level should be about the 2/3 up the skimmer opening to allow debris to circulate into the skimmer.

Tip- The sand filter should be chemically cleaned yearly, the best time to do this is in the fall because you will lose a lot of water.

4. Inspect Equipment:  Check: pump, baskets, filter, heater and other pool equipment for    proper operation.

5. Start Pump: Be sure to circulate pool water 24-48 hours before taking a water sample. Fill a clean 1L plastic container of water from elbow-depth.

Tip-Always remove the majority of debris before shocking the pool, this will make the shock more efficient in clearing the pool water.

6. Chemicals: Add an opening kit and balancing chemicals.


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