Splasher pools need help too


Perhaps you, or someone you know, has a splasher pool in their yard (a pool purchased from a box store rather than a pool store). Maybe they believe that mom’s old way of adding bleach to the water will kill any bacteria and make the water safe. Perhaps you’ve read up on pool chemicals on an online forum and taken your advice from other pool owners, using their “tried and true” methods.

Well here is a little helpful information you can share…

1.  If your pool does not have a filtration system attached – do NOT use any chemicals or bleach in the pool. 

You are not helping anyone.  Chemicals and water require circulation otherwise the water stands still and the chemicals sink to the bottom and deteriorate your pool.  If your pool does not have a filtration system attached, you need to drain and refill your pool on a daily basis.

2. Chemicals, other than bleach, are required for various reasons 

  • Chlorine sticks or pucks will provide a constant flow of chlorine to the water as it is being burned off by the sun or used by the swimmer.
  • Stabilizer (cyanuric acid) will prevent the sun from burning off the good chlorine too quickly.
  • Alkalinity is required to protect your liner and equipment.  It is also a stabilizer for your pH to prevent it from buffering. 
  • pH up or pH down, depending on the pH levels in the pool you will need to adjust the pH for bather comfort.
  • Calcium is a protector for the liner and equipment.  If the pool remains up all year long, this is a necessary addition.

There are other chemicals used for various reasons, but the aforementioned are the basic requirements to ensure your pool is kept safe for your family.  I recommend that if you, or someone you know, has a splasher pool a visit to the local pool store for water testing and advice on how to proceed to keep your family safe while cooling off.

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