Some “Did you knows” about R&R Pools


What a summer! Could it have gone by any faster? One minute it was May and next thing I know I am preparing for the closing seminar. Hard to believe it is the end of October already.

This brings me to a few things I wanted to mention to you. We here at R&R Pools do our best to help all our customers, making everything as easy as eatting pie. Check out some of our services we provide below.

Did you know that we can pick up your water sample?

Did you know that we will email you the results?

We know for some of you, with your work schedules, kids and sporting events that it can be nearly impossible to make it in to get your monthly water test (We all know that we want to get that free closing kit with the 5 months of water tests*). What we have done for years now, some of you may already know, but this is for the ones that have not heard, We will pick up your water sample. We will run the test and email you the results. Now of course, like other services, there are some rules that need to apply. To see if you qualify, contact the store and speak to one of the ladies in the office. They will gladly go over the details with you as they arrange your water pick up.

Chemical Delivery

Not enough chemicals at home, and have no way to get to us before we close? Well that one is an easy one. We will delivery them for you! Thats right! You will never run out of chemicals again. See you are getting low, Give us a call. We will have the crew deliver them right to your door for a small travel fee.

Water Drop off

Are you driving by in the morning before we open? Well you can simple write your name and phone number on the water bottle and leave it outside our door! We can run the water sample and email you the results. As long as you are an exisitng customer of ours. For new customers please visit for your first test as we like to go over so many things. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the few steps you need to do to keep your water healthy and sparkling all season long.

There are so many little extras we try to do to help our customers. We know how busy everyone is and how hard it is to make it in sometimes. We never want you to loose out on your free closing kit*. So we offer these services to help.


Did you know that we hold DIY (Do It Yourself) seminars? Where we teach you how to close and open your pools. That is right, and we teach you for free! Not only that, but every household gets a free gift for atttending and gets a chance to win one of our door prizes as well! So not only are we saving you money by teaching you, we are giving you more free stuff on top of that. Not bad for a night out with R&R Pools. These seminars are held the first Thursday of May and the first Thursday of September. All depends on the hotel and availability. we will always post it to our facebook and to our website in plenty of time so you have plenty of time to regisiter. All guest need to register so we have enough prizes to give away!

We at R&R Pools work hard at making our short season work well with everyone. If you have any questions or even suggestions on how we can make you life easier, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from you.


*Please Note: Only those customers who follow the recommendations of the R&R Pools staff following their water tests are eligible for the free closing kit.

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