Sand is in the Pool!


Your pool is sparkling as the sun shines and shimmers on the calm waters, it is beautiful and peaceful in your haven, you glance at your pool and notice…wait, what is that?  There’s sand in the pool!

There are a few reasons why you may notice sand in your pool…

1.  After backwashing the filter, ensure you follow it up with a 30 second rinse.  When we backwash our filters, the sand is displaced as the water moves backwards through the entire body of sand to clean out the particles.  When we rinse afterwards, we are pushing that sand back into its proper place.  By not rinsing well enough afterwards, some of the displaced sand can enter the pool.

2.  Where is the sand located in the pool?  Sand from a failing filter will usually collect right in front of the returns.  If the sand is more spread out, the source could be the concrete deck.   This will happen more when the deck slopes toward the pool.

At this point, you may need to empty the filter of sand to check out the parts inside.  This must be done carefully as you do not want to break the standpipe or laterals.  (Information on how to remove the sand can be found on our website, or in store). 

Once the sand has been removed from the filter body, carefully take the standpipe, and laterals out of the tank. Examine these pieces closely, even a hairline crack can put sand back into the pool.

3. Sand can enter the pool simply by the wind picking it up and dropping it there as it makes it way through your neighbourhood.

Removing sand from your pool

Removing the sand from your pool is easy, use a pool brush to push all the sand to one area, or a few concentrated areas.  Then vacuum your pool, your filter should catch the sand before it goes back into the pool.  You could also vacuum the pool to “waste” to completely remove it from the pool and filter system, you will lose water by using this method so it is ideal to have a friend help you, one should vacuum the small piles of sand while the other is turning the pool pump on and off as necessary.

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