Problem Water? Green water? YUCK!


Do YOU have green water?

At one time or another we’ve all had that dreaded GREEN water. Waiting and waiting for the pool to be sparkling once again.

What do you do? DO you drain the pool entirely? NO! Dump in gallons of bleach? HOPE NOT!

The pool is sick, super ick. Well this pool doctor is ready to give you and your pool some knee-deep advice to get this pool spic and span in no time.

  1. Bring in a water test to your pool professional for your pool water to be balanced and adjust any parameters not in proper range.
  2. When you can’t see the bottom of the pool no matter what the color, always remove the debris. I know this can be hard if you can’t see but just take your time while vacuuming, checking the basket regularly. You can remove heavy algae by vacuuming to waste or drain if possible.
  3. If you haven’t already, shock the pool (read and follow label instructions).  If the cloudiness or green color are due to organics in the water shock will remove it by burning it out of the water. This process may need to be repeated, if you notice the chlorine reading is very low or not registering, shock again.

Tip – Always leave the solar blanket off after shocking for 8hrs or until the sanitizer levels are between 1-3.

  1. Always brush the pool very well during the shocking process. This includes the walls, under steps and ladders and under returns.
  2. Add a good algaecide. (read and follow label instructions for dosage amounts.)
  3. Use a clarifying agent to help remove the remaining particles from the pool.

Tip – Do not backwash unless your pressure goes up 8 – 10 psi above your normal number as this will slow the clearing process.

Keep the pool running 24/7 during this process and repeat if needed after 24 hours.

If you have a Variable Speed Pump, you may want to run it at 100% during the clearing process as well.

  1. When the pool is clear, use a filter cleaner to clean your filter media and rid it of any gunk that may still be inside. This will prevent a further outbreak in the future.

Clearing an algae infested pool can take time.  To help prevent algae from forming:

  • Always keep your sanitizer level in proper range.
  • Use algaecide once a week.
  • Shock the pool weekly.
  • Balance the water, with the help of a pool professional, once a month.
  • Brush the pool weekly.
  • Run the pool 24/7.
  • Leave your solar blanket off during the day.

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