Problem of the Month: Staining


What causes it?  Staining to your pool surfaces can be caused by organics (such as leaves, berries, algae) that have been left to long on the pool’s surfaces.  Or it can be caused by metals that have been introduced to your water such as from your water source or from rusted metal accessories, parts, and equipment.  We need to identify which type of stain you must find the proper solution.  Fresh stains can usually be treated successfully.  The earlier you treat it the better your success rate will be.

Prevention:  Ensuring you keep your pool clean and clear throughout the season, as well as closing clean, and opening early will help to minimize organic staining.  Using a garden hose adapter will assist in removing metals from your source water, as well, inspect your equipment regularly to ensure they are in good condition and not adding to the issue.

Problem Solver:  In order to solve the issue of the staining, we must determine what the stain was caused from.  The easiest way to do that is with a stain test!

Test with a sock:

Using three socks add one product per sock and place on the stain.  Check every minute to see if the stain has started to lift.  ** Do not leave the product on for more than a minute at a time to avoid damaging your surfaces! **

Sock 1 – test with grounded up Vitamin C tabs to see if Stain Free will work for you.

Sock 2 – test with granular pool shock

Sock 3 – test with Lo N Slo or pH Down

Which one worked?  Contact your pool professional to receive the corresponding product and advice!

Product Details:

Stain Free – Removes Metal stains from pool liners and finishes, quickly removes stubborn stains.  Your pool water must be balanced.  Lower your chlorine to 1 ppm for the product to properly work.  Do not shock the pool for one week after using the product.  You may add bits of chlorine to keep the pool from growing algae after treatment, but no more than 2 ppm of chlorine.

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