Problem of the Month: Salt Cell Cleaning


What is it?

Salt Cell Cleaner is used to clean the inside of the salt cell and is recommended to be done at least once per season.  Build-up can form inside the cell and adhere itself to the fins located inside the salt cell.  Possibly causing damage or decreasing the chlorine output.


By properly maintaining your salt cell you will notice that the cell works efficiently and no build up of scale will interfere with generating your chlorine, restoring your cell to peak performance in 30 minutes.

Problem Solver:

If you have not chemically cleaned your cell this season, or perhaps you have been trying to troubleshoot why your generator is not working properly, try using BioGuard’s SaltScapes Cell Cleaner.

  • Turn off circulation system and remove cell according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Cap off one end of the cell with a watertight cap and place the cell (cap side down) into a clean, empty bucket.  (We do carry a Salt Cell Stand which can be used in place of the cap and bucket.
  • Fill the cell with Cell cleaner.
    • Excess cell cleaner can be poured into the deepest end of the pool.
  • Soak the cell for 15-30 minutes.  Pour the contents of the cell into the deepest end of the pool.
  • Rise the cell with a garden hose.  Reinstall the cell and restart the circulation system.
  • Rinse any spilled solution out of the bucket and off all of the surrounding surfaces.

Product Details:

Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner – Highly effective at removing calcium carbonate scale, calcium phosphate scale and calcium sulfate scale.  It works quickly in 15-30 minutes and can then conveniently be disposed of in your pool.

Salt Cell Cleaning Stand – Designed for cleaning salt cells, it includes a seal for safe cleaning.  Screw one end of the cell into the stand.  Fill the cell with the solution and allow to soak.  Once soaking is finished, safely dispose of product into the deep end of pool and rinse the cell and the stand with a garden hose.  Reconnect the salt cell to the circulation system and place your stand in a safe place for use the next time you need to clean your cell!

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