Problem of the Month: Heavy Algae


What is it?

Algae is a living organism (plant) that can appear in your pool when your sanitizer levels have dropped to a level that cannot control them.  They can enter your pool by various means, including by the wind. 

Algae left untreated will continue to bloom, until properly treated.


Properly maintaining your weekly regime of checking your sanitizer level, adding algaecide, such as BioGuard’s Banish and shocking (oxidizing your pool) will all aid in keeping algae at bay.  Also remember to brush your pool walls and floors at least once per week.

Problem Solver:

If you have a heavy algae bloom, shock (oxidize) your pool with a good quality chlorine shock, such as BioGuard’s Burn-Out or Power Chlor (following the directions for your pool size).  Then brush the walls and use a product such as BioGuard’s Erase, which is a heavy hitting algaecide that can be used with any pool surface and is fast acting.  Continue checking your chlorine reading to ensure your pool stays between 1-3 ppm.  If you are unable to bring the reading up by shocking, take a water sample to your pool professional for testing and assistance.

Product Details:

Banish – Inhibits and prevents algae in swimming pool water.  Non-foaming, non-staining, BioGuard’s banish is the best preventative algaecide which works in all swimming pool types.

Erase – BioGuard’s Erase is the best formula for effectively killing ALL types of algae, it is a fast-acting formula that is suitable for all surface types.

Burn Out – Destroys organic contaminants.  Sanitizes, shocks, and kills algae.  Burn-out is an 8-hour shock and must be pre-mixed before being added to the pool water.  Speak to your pool professional for assistance in dosing amounts and how to add to your pool.

Power Chlor – Sanitizes, kills bacteria, clarifies, and kills algae in pool water.  Power Chlor is an 8-hour shock which is applied slowly through your skimmer (after removing the basket).  Speak to your pool professional for assistance on dosing amounts and how to add to your pool.

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