Problem of the Month: Green Algae


What is it?

Algae is a living organism (plant) that can appear in your pool when your sanitizer levels have dropped to a level that cannot control them.  They can enter your pool by various means, including by the wind.  Heavy rain, high heat and low chlorine levels also add to a rapid algae growth.  Algae can be free floating in the water or cling to the surfaces of the pool (floors and walls) typically in patches.


Dealing with algae can be frustrating and expensive, so properly maintaining your weekly regime of checking your sanitizer and pH levels, adding algaecide, such as BioGuard’s Banish and shocking (oxidizing your pool) will all aid in keeping algae at bay.  Also remember to brush your pool walls and floors at least once per week.  Brushing is key.  You have what we call dead spots in your pool, areas that do not circulate as well as others due to blockages in the pool such as steps and ladders.  Ensure you pay attention to these locations while brushing the walls.

Problem Solver:

Low chlorine levels can affect algae and allow it to bloom.  Make sure you use a good oxidizer after heavy rains, during heat waves and after heavy bather use.  (Always test your chlorine levels before shocking your pool.  You may test with an at home strip test kit or take a sample to your local pool professional for assistance.)  Depending on the state of your pool we may recommend that you vacuum to waste or drain when dealing with an algae bloom.  Ensure your pump is running 24 hours per day while dealing with an algae bloom for optimum circulation.

Product Details:

Banish – Inhibits and prevents algae in swimming pool water.  Non-foaming, non-staining, BioGuard’s banish is the best preventative algaecide which works in all swimming pool types.

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  1. David Hughes

    It states that Banish is non-staining. That is not true! I used it for a couple of years and it continuously stained the liner in my pool which meant I had to purchase more expensive metal removing chemicals to get rid of the stains. I stopped using it and I no longer get any staining. Keep you chlorine levels at a good level and brush your pool and you don’t need Algecide.

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