Although it may be that this storm plans to just scoot by us we thought we would prepare you for any future storm that could potentially cause damage. See our tips below.

Flying debris and excess rain and wind can cause damage to both your pool and the equipment. By following some logical tips and tricks, you can prevent such damage. Do not be concerned with the dirt and small debris that will get into the pool, you can clean that out after the storm.

Before the storm

  • Do not remove water before the storm as it can leave the walls and floor vulnerable to damage.
  • Cut off power at the breaker circuit.
  • Remove all items not bolted down. Loose items such as patio furniture should be brought indoors to prevent them from falling into the pool
    and damaging the liner.
  • Tie down hot tub covers and turn of the hot tub electrical.
  • To keep everything in good order, roll the blanket on the roller, tie a rope around the roller and move it back out of the way from the pool.
  • Do not cover the pool. Putting on the solar blanket on may keep the pool from getting dirty but it will probably be picked up by the high winds. Tie the cover to the roller and the roller to the fence. Do not keep your autocover closed and remove the cover pump from the deck.
  • Bring standalone plants and pots inside, as well as birdfeeders, patio heaters and anything made of glass.
  • Prune and clean up any branches or debris to prevent it from detaching at the wrong moment and landing in your swimming pool.

After the storm, assess the damage

  •  If the water level gets too high from the storm, use the “waste/drain” setting on the filter to drain water out without disturbing the sand.
  • Clean the pool of the debris. Keep a deep leaf net on hand for this or a leaf bagger vacuum.
  • Give the water a nice heavy shock to remove any bacteria & nitrogen from the water.
  • Check the water chemistry and balance as needed
  • Watch the system for a few days to ensure the electrical system is working properly.

If you have any problems or concerns, feel free to contact our office or set up a service call 902 876 2773


  1. Sharron Ross

    What if your pool has already been closed and we have a hurricane? Is there anything we should do or just leave it as is

    PS we dodged the bullet in Florida. Thank goodness

    • Kara Redden

      Hi Sharron, I send you an response via email!

  2. joann

    Can you send me the response too Kara? Our pool will be closed as well.

    • Kara Redden

      Hi Joann,

      You just want to ensure everything is tied down and if there is a winter cover on the pool it has alot of water on it to weigh it down.

      Best of luck! Kara

  3. Shawn Hirtle

    Great, useful summary. Thanks for this.

    • Kara Redden

      Thanks Shawn!


  4. Heather Umlah

    I have the same question. I am putting my leaf net on, but I debated putting the winter cover on as well.

    • Kara Redden

      Hi Heather,

      You can certainly just use a leaf net. Depending on the storm it may or may not be beneficial to not tie it down. I would keep an eye on it either way. If there is a winter cover on the pool ensure it has alot of water on it to weigh it down.

      Best of luck! Kara

  5. Barrie Taylor

    Thanks Kara. Not sure about shutting off circuit breaker? From past experience, I can expect my water to over flow and will want to drain some off during the storm?

    • Kara Redden

      Hi Barrie,

      You can always turn it back on if you need to drain water. The purpose is just to ensure if there is a power surge your equipment is fine. Whichever route you feel most comfortable with!

      Best of luck! Kara

  6. Sharon Whyte

    Thank you so much for this valuable information. I appreciate it.

    • Kara Redden

      You’re welcome Sharon!

  7. Paula Isenor

    Thanks for the info Kara.
    We have the new porous winter cover. Consequently cannot put water on top of it to hold it down.
    What should we do to protect that from the high winds?

    • Kara Redden

      Hi Paula,

      If your pool is closed and the winter cover is on there isn’t anything more you can do. Just make sure anything that could blow into the pool is removed or secured.

  8. Jack Lansing

    Thanks Kara, sage advice as always. Ref the dumping of excess water, this happened to us twine this year in previous storms. Don’t feel there’s a need to be out in the storm trying to dump ‘waste water – not safe during a storm.
    Suggestion: Simply turn off power, remove the skimmer cover, and weigh down basket with a small golf ball size stone. The stone will prevent it from floating and potentially permitting large debris from entering hoses and pump basket. Excess water will simply escape over the top of the skimmer. Post storm, empty the skimmer and pump baskets of debris and empty the waste water under safe conditions.

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