Pool Foam


You’re all ready for a lazy day by the pool, grab your towel and head to your favorite lounge chair and as you look at the once inviting water you notice it – the bubbles.  The pool is full of them, the foam is everywhere in the water.  It looks like someone took some bubble bath and dumped the entire container in. 

What could cause such a nightmare?

Pool Foam is generally caused by inferior chemicals, chemical imbalances, or high levels of organic contaminants. 

Let’s start by ruling a few things out… 

Where do you purchase your pool chemicals? 

If you are purchasing your chemicals from a pool professional, we can typically rule out the inferior products, however if your chemicals were purchased at a place such as a big box store, you may be dealing with the fillers used in their chemical lines. 

These “filler” products are used in mediocre chemicals so they can be sold at a lesser price, enticing the consumer who does not realize the difference between purchasing from a non-pool professional and a pool store.  These fillers can cause foaming issues in pools.

Have you had your water tested recently?

If you have been purchasing from a pool professional, perhaps the levels of your balancers are off.  We recommend having the pool water tested once per month. Take a sample into the professionals and have them run a test of your pool water to rule out chemical imbalances.

My water balance looks great. That’s not the problem….

If you are still experiencing foaming issues and the above two solutions have been ruled out, it is quite possible you are dealing with high levels of organic contaminants. 

Give your pool a good shock and pair it with a product that deals with Organics.  Pool First Aid by Natural Chemistry for example will help to remove the contaminants, but you can not shock for 48 hours before or after treatment.  Using a BioGuard Skim ‘Mor sock will also help to remove contaminants from the water as they are specifically made with a Mylex technology for organics. Not all brands of skimmer socks contain this technology so be sure to read the label first.

See your local pool professional to help you decide the best course of action to remove the unwanted bubble bath in your backyard! 

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