Our Mission In Water Safety 2013


Our Mission In Water Safety 2013

Posted by The Team at R&R Pools on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 30:03 PM

Our Mission in Water Safety


I recently had the opportunity to meet one of the wonderful teachers at St Margaret’s Bay Elementary. She is a grade 3 teacher. I met her at centennial Pool in Halifax. This is where Gordon from the Lifesaving Society arranged for all the grade 3 students to begin their lessons in water safety survival. Standing there observing these students, some swimming like fish, and others in life jackets looking so frightened.  I witnessed the confidence growing in each student, as they improved their skills in water safety a smile came over my face. It made me so proud that R & R Pools had the opportunity to join with the lifesaving Society and help support all grade 3 students in Metro Halifax, get the water Safety Survival techniques that will help them throughout their future years in all types of water situations.


Just last month I received a wonderful package from the teacher I mentioned earlier. It was a thank you note from each student in her grade 3 classes, explaining their experiences along with some amazing art work. I would like to share some of their thoughts with you


Zachary says “Thank you R & R Pools, my favorite part was doing laps, I am glad you taught me what to do if I fall threw ice”. You are very welcome Zachary; we are very glad you had a good time and that you are able to learn lots of new things to keep you and your friends safe! Jaden says “Thank you R & R Pools, I enjoyed the program it was fun, I was nervous at first, but now I feel better!” Well Jaden, We are happy you are not as nervous as you were, that tells me you were avery good student and that you will always take your survival skills seriously. Tristan says “Thank you R & R Pools, I was nervous when I went; I didn’t want to go at first. Now I am not so nervous and I learned how I need to swim with a buddy at all times. I learned how to swim WITHOUT a life jacket.” That is awesome Tristan. I am very impressed!! You did an amazing job conquering your fears and becoming a smart and safe As my day at Centennial Pool went on, I was able to witness some of these students going from holding the side of the pool with huge eyes, and life jackets on, to rolling off the side with no life jacket on. GREAT JOB STUDENTS!!! It is times like this that make me proud as a mom and as a member of the R & R team, for giving all these children the time they deserve to be safer in the water in all seasons.

So all you kids going in grade 3 next year in Metro Halifax, we can’t wait to hear how your experience was in 2014 with you LifeSaving Survival Skills. Until then be safe and to all those children that had the experience this year I hope you are using and practicing all your new skills this summer.

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