Just Arrived, SpaGuard – the spa and hot tub brand you have come to know and love, has released their rapid-dissolve tabs. Providing you with a convenient way to take the guesswork out of treating your spas, hot tubs, and swim spas!

No need to measure out your chemicals, simply drop a tab into the filter well where it can immediately get to work.  Select rapid-dissolving tabs also feature a unique effervescing technology that will quickly disperse treatments throughout the water.

If you wish to see the tabs in action, check out this you tube video*

*Note the Chlorine Rapid Dissolve Tabs shown in the video are not yet available in Canada but are expected this fall.

Rapid Dissolve tabs are available in:

Shock Oxidizing Tabs

  • Non-Chlorine shock.
  • Oxidizes non-living waste and contaminants.
  • 1 tab per 1200 L weekly.

pH Decreaser Tabs

  • Quickly decrease pH level of spa water.
  • Provides comfort and protects spa equipment.
  • 2 tabs per 1000 L as needed.

Alkalinity Tabs

  • Control pH bounce by quickly raising the alkalinity levels in the spa.
  • Protect equipment from corrosion.
  • 2 tabs per 1000 L as needed.

Stain and Scale Tabs

  • Controls metal-based staining and scaling.
  • Protects spa equipment and surfaces.
  • 1 tab per 1200 L weekly.

Stop in today for this new exciting convenient solution for your swim spa or hot tub!

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