My Salt Generator is not Generating Chlorine


Your salt generator is on, but does not seem to be generating chlorine.  There are several reasons why this may be happening. 

Here are a few of the possible reasons and solutions:

1.  The salt generators switch is in the OFF position. Turn unit ON.

2.  Desired Output % adjustment setting is too low.  Re-adjust the output %

3.  Low stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid).   Have your water tested and adjust as indicated by pool professional.

4.  The salt level is too low (below 2400 ppm, Check Salt LED on).  Add salt based upon indications from pool professional water test.

5.  The salt level too high (High Salt LED on).  The only way to remove salt from the pool is to do a partial drain and refill.  Remember to have your pool tested after performing a drain and refill as you will have also lost your balancing chemicals.

6.  Very warm pools can potentially increase chlorine demand—if you feel that the pool is in a chlorine demand state, bring in a water sample to have a special water test completed.  Although this test takes time, it will confirm if you are in a demand state and the best way to remove the demand.

7.  Cold water (below 10ºC) causes Aqua Rite to stop generating (Generating LED flashing).

8.  Excessive scaling on cell.   Remove the cell from the unit and use a salt cell cleaning solution to remove the buildup.

If you have checked all of these it may be time for a service call.

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