Knowledge and Experience make purchasing a pool easy


Jerry and Deb live just outside Halifax, Nova Scotia. A couple of years ago, they decided it was time to create their own backyard oasis and began the process of finding a company to do the job.

“My wife and I are both 54 years old,” Jerry says, “and we have done a considerable amount of household renovations and landscaping projects.” They did their homework, asked a lot of questions and ended up visiting two pool companies initially but came away with more questions than answers. A friend recommended R&R Pools at 1949 St. Margaret’s Bay Road in Timberlea and the rest, as they say, is history.

“We knew we wanted a pool,” Jerry says, “and soon came to realize that these guys knew their business and we had found the right place. They’re as honest as the grass is green, and their knowledge, experience and personality made the decision-making easy. We felt so comfortable so quick. It was a very rare customer experience, and I can’t say enough about these people. They’re great!”

Jerry and Deb bought a 15X30 above-ground Neptune. The following Q. & A. tells the remarkable story of their experience with R&R Pools, where “your project is their priority,” Jerry proclaims.

What were your first impressions?

We can say without hesitation that we felt comfortable the moment we walked in the front door. As with most people, we were full of questions and it became obvious very quickly that these people know their business and know it well. Our questions were answered in a professional manner and with upmost respect. We were asked at different points during our first conversation with the staff at R&R if we were sure that we were ready for the lifestyle change that comes with owning a pool. The commitment to safety was also emphasized during this conversation. The establishment itself may not display the glamour of some of their competitors, but it is spotless clean and well set up. We soon came to realize that we were not supporting a large overhead and this was reflected in a fair quotation. Once we decided on a pool size and shape, arrangements were made for a site visit to confirm that our planned location was workable from their point of view.

How did you feel about their commitment and communication?

I feel strongly that any project requires commitment from both parties. Once we made the decision to go ahead with the project the people from R & R made it their priority to complete the installation in a timely manner. The staff provided clear communication as to their start and completion dates and kept their word as close as Mother Nature would allow. We were impressed with how they truly considered our project , their priority. This is not always the case in our experience.

Were there any challenges to overcome?

The land formation did require considerable preparation, and the costs involved were clearly communicated to us before the installation began. This preparation was completed with consideration for the surrounding landscaping and all efforts were made to minimize damage to our trees and shrubs.

Did the work meet your expectations?

Our expectations were met and exceeded throughout the project. I happened to be in the United Kingdom during the installation of this pool, but kept up to speed on a daily basis by phone and photos from my wife, and I felt comfortable that the task was being completed by professionals.

How have you adapted to your new lifestyle?

We have adapted quickly to the lifestyle of pool owners and enjoy every aspect, including the required maintenance. The staff put a great deal of effort into educating us in proper water maintenance and this has made owning and maintaining a pool a breeze. We have followed their instructions/guidance to the letter and have had nothing but positive results. All of our questions along the way have been answered professionally and promptly. We have been using our pool for two seasons now and keep in close contact with R&R. We have been properly instructed on the open and close procedures and feel confident performing the task ourselves.

What has happened since the project?

We have completed the deck construction surrounding the pool, which provides easy access for maintenance and adequate room for furniture placement. We have closed the pool successfully and we are looking forward to the spring. We began this task in search of a good product and knowledgeable people. We found both with R&R and have also developed a friendship that we didn’t expect, but truly appreciate.

Would you recommend R&R Pools to anyone else?

Absolutely! For anyone looking for professional advice, honest, competent people and great products, I would suggest R&R Pools. These people have been in business for 30 years and, judging by our experience, they have a long future ahead of them.

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