Keeping a pool shouldn’t be a chore; everyone deserves a little R & R


Keeping a pool shouldn’t be a chore; everyone deserves a little R & R

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Keeping a pool shouldn’t be a chore; everyone deserves a little R & R

By Fred Sgambati

The key to living life now and enjoying a backyard vacation is easy if you know how, and R&R Pools can provide all the tools to make opening, maintaining and closing your pool a breeze. It is all about understanding what needs to be done. R&R Pools believes that having the right partner can make or break the pool experience. Staff shares their knowledge freely through three seminars a season. Their website ( ) provides checklists and instructions consumers can download and handy tips are available in e-newsletters and on their Facebook page ( ). And with many different products to make pool life simple, it’s easy to see why pools are so popular.

Basically you need to know three things; how to chemically treat your pool, how to physically maintain it through the summer and how to open and close it for the season. R&R Pools can teach you how to do it all or you can treat yourself to their services and have a hands-off approach to pool care.


Right tools, clean pool

There are different approaches to pool care which makes it easy to find a good fit for any pool owner’s routine. Some pool owners have a more hands on approach and for them, helpful maintenance tools include brushes, poles, vac heads, and shallow and deep nets to help speed up spring cleaning and keep leaves out of the water. Others are more hands off. For them, a really good automatic vacuum is key. Some vacuums even come to the surface to remove floating debris eliminating the need for frequent scooping.

When it comes to chemical water treatments, the approach is very similar. They’re ways to cut down the amount of time spent playing with water chemistry. And this chemistry is of the utmost importance for healthy swimmers and the life of the pool.


Empowerment through knowledge

Store Manager Kara Redden says the goal is to empower customers. “We teach people how to do it themselves,” she says, “because they should spend less time working on their pool and more time in it! That’s the vacation, the staycation, the enjoyment and the memories you’ll have for a lifetime.”

“We’re a small family business creating permanent vacations – family vacations – and it’s all about families. Life is short; kids grow up. That’s why we’re really big on education and enjoyment.” This knowledge also allows you to identify problems before they arise.


It’s all in the partner

R&R Pools delivers a two-pronged approach to pool maintenance: they give customers the benefit of their considerable experience which, in turn, educates and encourages customers to take an active role in caring for their pool.

They demonstrate how simple it is to care for your pool so you can reap the benefits of having a little piece of paradise at home. For more information on their full line of services or seminar information please contact Kara or Brandy at 902.876.2773 or

 As taken from the 2011 Backyard Escapes Magazine

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