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Presenting the GT Freedom i60 – Cordless Robotic Vacuum from Madimack.

Say goodbye to tangled cords that create a hazard at the side of the pool. Imagine just dropping your cordless robotic pool cleaner in the water and turning it on. You don’t have to be physically present when it runs the cleaning cycle. When the cleaning cycle is completed, pull it out and clean the filter if needed. Sit back and relax while GT Freedom gets to work.


  • 6 Hours of Power. GT Freedom’s DC brushless motor coupled with InverMAC enhanced inverter technology. 
  • Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery. Madimack’s GT Freedom comes with a battery power of up to 6 hours with a single charge for up to a 1-month cleaning cycle.
  • Active Panel Control. Flexibility to set and manage run times, cycle times and operational display on the unit.
  • Intelligent Navigation Cleaning for Double Coverage Efficiency. Powered by highly efficient navigation cleaning which allows you to map your pool’s surfaces for a more efficient cleaning at your fingertips. GT Freedom, the cordless robotic pool cleaner from Madimack uses advanced systematic dual-drive navigation and intelligent cleaning to overcome obstacles.
  • Money Saver. The cordless robotic cleaner is super energy efficient and has a very low impact on your home energy consumption. If you own a large pool or get ample debris in your pool, the cordless robotic cleaner will clean the pool in less time, thus saving on electricity bills. Madimack’s cordless robotic pool cleaners come with a warranty of 3 years.
  • Pollutant-free Pool. Within a few minutes, a cordless robotic pool cleaner will clean and filter the entire pool area and walls. With an internal filtering system that will remove debris such as leaves, silt, algae, and harmful bacteria, it will improve water circulation and reduce the pool’s chemical usage. GT Freedom’s magnetic filter basket is spacious enough to collect large debris without clogging. 

Isn’t it a beauty!

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