How to Take A Water Sample!


The following steps will ensure the most accurate water test results. Monthly water testing not only protects your pool and its equipment but keeps bathers safe from bacteria.

It is recommended by your pool support team for you to test your own pool weekly and bring a sample into the pool store once a month for a full comprehensive test.

Water sample bottle

Steps to taking a sample

  • Use a clean, 1 litre plastic container. (Do NOT use glass jars or chemical bottles.)
  • Collect the water from 18” below the surface or elbow deep, away from skimmers and returns.
  • Ensure the pool has been circulating non-stop for approx. 48 hours. (During the winter season, chemicals like calcium, stabilizer and salt settle to the bottom of the pool.)
  • The chlorine levels must be 3ppm or lower, otherwise the test is void from false readings.
  • When you bring your sample in, we test for the following chemicals; free and total chlorine, ph, stabilizer, alkalinity, calcium, TDS, salt and metal levels. Maintaining proper levels keeps bathers comfortable and your pool happy. Bathers bothered by pool water, usually have been swimming in an unbalanced pool. Chlorine is not normally causing the irritation.
  • Provide the following information; water temperature, water clarity (clear or cloudy), presence of algae (green, mustard or black).


  • don’t leave your water sample in the sun or hot car for long periods of time.
  • don’t take a sample before heavy rain storms.
  • don’t take a sample after shocking/oxidizing.
  • don’t take your sample to a retailer for testing, whose brand of chemical you do not use.

As a pool owner, you are responsible for testing and adjusting the chlorine and pH levels on a weekly basis to keep all swimmers happy and healthy. You can use test strips or chemical drops, both testing agents work well, it’s all about preference. Regardless if you use strips or drops, they need to be replaced yearly for accurate results.

At R&R Pools, we offer complimentary water testing for those who purchase our products; a $15 fee is applied to those who do not use our products but wish to have the test completed.


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