How to Clean or Replace Your Hot Tub Filter


With proper maintenance your hot tub filter can last you several years.  Follow these tips to get the most out of your filters.

Weekly you should rinse your hot tub filters (or if there has been a lot of use in the hot tub, consider an additional rinsing more frequently.  Rinsing can be done quickly by using a garden hose or a sink.

Monthly your hot tub filters should be soaked in a chemical cleaner designed for spa filters.  The soak will assist in sanitizing and cleaning the filters.  Cleaning between the pleats will also prolong its life, you can use a tool such as a water wand, or just an old toothbrush.  Rinse the filter well after the chemical soak to ensure the cleaning solution is not put into the hot tub.  Some cleaning solutions may cause foaming in your hot tub. Filters should be allowed to completely dry after soaking to retighten the fibers of the pleats.

The filter should be replaced when: the fibers of the pleats are worn down (think of a favorite sweater that has been washed too many times and what those fibers begin to look like.)  A filter should also be replaced if the end caps become cracked or damaged.

Additional tips:

  • Keeping a second set of filters means no down time with your hot tub while you perform your filter maintenance.
  • Do not use bleach to clean your filters.  Bleach will wear down the fibers of the pleats reducing the life of the filter.
  • Do not clean your filter using a dish washer. The effectiveness of the wash may seem tempting, but the force will disintegrate the fibers diminishing the filters use.
  • Do not use household chemicals to clean your filter.  Some chemicals can affect the balance of your water or add foaming to your hot tub.

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