Here are a few extra tips to help you get ready to close your pool



fall leavesSo as the year winds down and the season comes to an end, we have leaves falling, the pool is only getting used a few times a week, if at all. A lot of us are so in the habit of doing all of the weekly chemicals that we continue to shock our pools with the BioGuard Power Chlor and adding our BioGuard Smart Sticks to the skimmer. Not thinking that we will soon be closing the pool and shouldn’t have the chlorine that high when we are putting the winter cover on our pools.

You don’t want to be the one person on the street in December trying to get your chlorine low enough to close your pool. Brrrrr that would be really chilly if you dropped your extension pole in the pool in December.

We have a few suggestions and some tips that you can use to help you get that pool closed in time before the snow falls.

Did you know:

bioguard smart silkguard sticksYou can stop shocking your pool every week once the temperatures drop and the pool is rarely getting used. Keep a BioGuard Smart Stick in there of course, but your weekly shock can be reduced to every 10-12 days if the pool is still being used. You should still do your weekly BioGuard Banish treatment. There is just no need to waste your oxidizing product for the week if your pool has no reason to be shocked. It is really hard to get your chlorine level down at this time of year.

Oops, I forgot:

Did you keep shocking your pool? is your chlorine way to high to test your water for your final balance of the year?  Remember even though the leaves are falling, it is very important to remember to NEVER put any cover on your pool with high chlorine levels. Your pool can not gas off correctly and your level will stay high. Have any old towels around? Throw a few in the pool, the towels will help absorb some of the chlorine in the pool, unless you want to get in it. Getting in either yourself or the towels will give the chlorine something to do, because as the pool sits now, it’s telling us it’s bored and the pool is way too clean.

In late October there isn’t much that chlorine can do. You could also use a dechlorination kit. These kits are typically meant for draining your pool. But if you need to lower the chlorine fast these are a great way.

So, after that is all said and done, you can now throw on your cover. Sad isn’t it. The season seems to have flown again.

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