Great news Spa customers — Check out our new products. Soft Soak Trio


Well we have done it again! Trying to make your life so simple with our products. Anyone that has tried our BioGuard line knows how easy we make it. Here you go, Bioguard has brought Soft SoakTrio to our store at R&R Pools. Soft Soak is a quick and easy line for your hot tub. This is a 3 part system. That last for 3 months at a time. The only thing you have to do is balance your tub and add your sanitizing agent. No more adding Polysheen or Stain and scale or spa lite.

This 3 step system is built to last 3 month as I mentioned, here is the break down of what needs to be done in the 3 months

Packages are as follows:


Step 1: Creates a base

Enhancing Water Softener – Instantly softens freshly filled water for a soak experience that feels soft on the skin- this step is only done at the beginning when you have just added fresh water

Step 2: Clear water

Weekly Softener & Clarifier- Quickly eliminates water impurities like lotions, sweat and oils to freshen water. This is to be used after the first initial dose of Enhancing water softener. This is to be repeated weekly

Step 3: Finish

Restoring Spa Cleanser- Cleans and prepares spa for a fresh start- this is to be used before draining and refilling your tub. This is only needed to be used once every three months

How many litres will TRIO treat?

  • 1,300 – 1,700 litres.
  • After doing some research, BioGuard has found that most residential spas fall in the range of 1,300 to 1,700 litres. TRIO was configured to provide a spa care solution for a majority of residential spas.

What if your spa has less than 1,300 litres or over 1700 litres?

  • TRIO is not appropriate for spas with less than 1,300 litres of water or more then 1700 litres. Trio is a 3 month supply and is only designed for these exactly amount of litres. THe packages can not be split or use half a bag. This will not work.

Is TRIO compatible with all surfaces – Acrylic, vinyl, plaster?

  • Yes. TRIO is compatible with all spa surfaces including soft tubs.

What does TRIO do for Biofilm?

  • Sanitizers (chlorine or bromine) are always the first and best defence against biofilm. Continuously killing microorganisms is the best way to keep them from adhering to a surface and forming biofilm. The oxidizer in TRIO will help break down contaminants and remove them from the spa. A cleaner spa with less contamination will be less likely to form biofilm.

Balanced water is always the best way to keep any hot tub or pool sanitized with Bromine or Chlorine. Using Trio is not any different in that aspect. The one bag you add weekly will keep those contaminates away.

We are very excited awaiting the arrival of Soft Soak Trio. Please stay tuned as to when we will have it in the store and ready to make your life a lot easier. If you don’t own a hot tub and were thinking about it, now is the time, Weather is getting cooler and chemicals are getting easier, What are you waiting for?

Hope to see you all soon!

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