Father’s Day, A weekend of sales at R&R Pools

Happy father's day

Just like every other special day of the year, we at R&R Pools help you and your family celebrate it, by saving you money with a weekend filled with great sales and gift ideas for Father’s Day. We have so many great gift ideas for you this year that we just had to put some of them on sale! Seriously, have you ever seen your dad cranky cause he was saving money or has time to float and relax while enjoying his favorite beverage? Canadians have been celebrating Father’s Day for years but it wasn’t till 1957 that it was recognized as a celebration day like Mother’s Day.  So for years the poor dad’s out there we’re not appreciated for all their hard work.

Don’t worry we have some gift ideas that will make you the favorite for years to come!

Robotic pool cleaner

Let’s start with the robotic cleaners: In ground or above ground cleaners, we have them on sales Father’s day weekend just for you! These robotic cleaners save dad money on the power bill, only costing 15 cents a day to run, plus has its own filter system so dad never has to run around switching settings on the filter and dragging hoses around.

Pool fence hook

That brings me to another great idea for Father’s Day, Fence Hooks. These hooks come in a variety of sizes and fits just about anywhere. We all know how dad likes to keep things organized and in their special place, well these hooks are just what he needs for the pool gear.

Mighty dwarf portable speaker

Tired of burning all dads’ favorite songs onto a CD for him, and always having to do new ones? How about just throwing all his songs on a memory card and getting him his own Mighty Dwarf vibration speaker. Dad can take his music anywhere and play it, the Garage, the poolside, the shower, the hot tub, where ever dad pleases! I have to say these speakers are great. We have one in our store and it can really rock the place.


The next great idea I have is what better way to help dad relax then with his own floating chair, a place he can read a book, or just close his eyes and relax.  Part two of this gift idea is our brand new beverage ware; dad no longer will have to worry about glass being around the pool. Strahl beverage wear is very durable and can handle even the biggest butter fingers! So while dad is floating relaxing he can also be enjoying his favorite drink in style.

Cold towel

Or how about giving dad a cold towel, keeping him cool and refreshed all summer long. Great for keeping dad cool while he is mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage. Or while he is looking after the pool. Maybe dad plays sports, if so all his team mates will be jealous when he sports his Cold Towel.

There are so many ideas we have for dad’s special day. Drop in Father’s Day Weekend and get dad the gift that will keep him smiling all summer long.

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