Expert Interviews Regarding Hot Tubs and Accessories


Our clients have come to depend on us, here at R&R Pools, to provide them with quality products, to be able to answer their questions, and to help guide them in the chemistry of their water.  

Your hot tub or spa is no exception.

So, we decided to take some of our more frequently asked questions to 2 of our experts, Michael Corrigan with BioGuard / SpaGuard and BeeBee Derosier with Central Spa and Pool Supply.

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding your hot tub chemistry with responses from Michael:

  • How often should hot tub water be tested by a professional?

                MC: Similar to a pool you should have the water test when you fresh fill your hot tub and then at least once a month. 

  • Which sanitizer is better for a spa – bromine, chlorine, salt chlorine?

                MC: This is a tougher question and for the most part it comes down to personal preference.  Bromine tends to be the more common sanitizer for hot tubs because it’s not quite as harsh as chlorine can be and also it works better in a higher pH environment.  But Chlorine is definitely an easier product to use but you do need to be aware and adjust your pH.  Salt chlorine is tougher one because even though it is a nicer feeling water due to the salt it is a much harsher environment for the hot tub due to more potential for scale formation.

  • What makes soft soak trio a client favorite?

                MC: It’s a product offering which makes taking care of a Spa much easier.  Soft Soak Trio is a great product that, after you balance the spa for the first time, you only use 1 product a week along with your sanitizer whether it be Chlorine, Bromine, or Salt chlorine generation.  There are 3 products in the kit and you replace it every 3 months.  First is the ‘Start’ which has 3 amazing water softeners that make the water feel amazing.  Second, is the ‘weekly’ which is an oxidizer, clarifier and stain & scale in one pouch.  And Lastly, is the ‘Finish’ which you apply just before you drain to help flush and clean out the plumbing in your hot tub.

  • Spa complete has been available for a few years now, what benefits have clients seen from a regular use of Spa Complete?

                MC: This is an amazing product for people who are not on a system like Trio to give the customer amazing feeling water and helps to keep the water looking incredible and also cleaner.  It has an awesome softening product in it to make the water feel like silk.  Then has water clarifiers that make the water look amazing and lastly surfactants that help to keep the water cleaner and also keeps away the waterline buildup.

  • How often should water be changed; can you extend the life of the water?

                MC:  Typically a life cycle on water in a hot tub is about 3 months.  It is a very small body of water and needs to be changed often and 3 months is about the limit to ensure you continue to get great water.  It is very dependent on usage though.  If you have a lot of usage sometimes the hot tub may need to be drained more often.  Lightly used hot tubs could potentially go longer but what we don’t want is you running into issues with murky or cloudy water that just won’t come back.  This is also another reason that you should come in regularly for a water test as we can help determine if it’s time to drain.

  • Do you have any other tips on hot tub chemistry that you would like to share?

                MC:  I have to say one of the main keys to ensure a pleasant experience in your hot tub is making sure you maintain a proper sanitizer level at all times between 3-5ppm to ensure the water is safe from harmful bacteria that can cause a rash.  This bacteria thrives in water at the temperature we keep hot tubs at but they cannot survive if there is chlorine or bromine present in the water.  The only way to ensure that is by testing your hot tub before you get in and also if you are using it for a long period of time in one go. 

From Central Spas we have asked Bee to help answer some questions you may have regarding spa scents and accessories:

  • R&R Pools has talked about the benefits of aromatherapy, what is your opinion on using scents to alleviate some of client’s ailments?

                BD:  Although the products are not considered Health Canada Medical Grade, they are therapeutic. Given the crystals are made of Epsom Salts, which are known to reduce inflammation which helps muscular and joint issues.

  • We are frequently asked which the best type is to provide a longer lasting scent: Liquid, crystal, or spa bomb.  Does it make a difference?

                BD:  Again, the crystals have the added benefit of Epsom Salts, making them therapeutic, however for a longer lasting scent, liquids will last longer.

  • What is the number one accessory you would suggest, besides a cover lifter, that everyone should invest in for their spa?

                BD:  I would definitely have to say a spa step.

  • How often should your spa filters be cleaned / replaced?

                BD:   Really depends on spa usage but they should be rinsed at the very least every 1-2 weeks and cleaned with a filter cleaner monthly.  Again, depending on how often the spa is used filters should be replaced 6-12 months.

  • Do you have any other tips on hot tubs that you would like to share?

                BD:  Repairs required really should be done by a Spa Service Technician.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Mike and Bee!  

If you have any other questions or want to know more about Hot Tub Chemicals or Accessories, you can reach us at 

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