Energy solutions in challenging times


Energy solutions in challenging times

GREEN SOLUTIONS                                                                                                                    
Green products for increased efficiency

by David Aitken for R&R Pools

Green, carbon footprint, eco-friendly… these are the buzz words of the day, and with good reason. While pool consumers today are increasingly interested in a backyard vacation, they are just as concerned about doing their part on the ‘green’ front to keep energy costs down. Choose products that work smarter rather than harder, while the consumer benefits from lower operating costs and rapid payback, and perhaps the knowledge they are doing their part to protect the environment.


Most manufacturers today offer a variety of products in each category that can accommodate these concerns. Speak to a team member at R&R Pools about the opportunities in these categories:

PUMPS—Running at a reduced speed, a pump can be operated longer than simply using a timer on a single speed. Of course, a pump needs to run in order to have pool water filtered, heated and chlorinated. On a properly plumbed pool, this can be done on low speed, contrary to common belief. With a two-speed pump, the consumer can save up to 60 per cent on operating costs, while a variable-speed drive (VSD) offers savings between 70-80 per cent.

FILTERS—Switching to cartridge filtration can improve pool water quality while retaining chemicals and heat. It can also save up to 12,000 L (3,170 gal) of water per season in the average pool. Backwashing is eliminated by using cartridge filtration. HEATERS—Solar heating and heat pumps are energy efficient and when used with a control system, this package will automatically monitor and efficiently manage your pools temperature.

ROBOTIC CLEANERS—Suction cleaners require a filter pump to operate; pressure cleaners require both a filter pump and a booster pump. Robotic cleaners, however, can operate without an additional pump running and filter down to 10 microns while they clean the pool, offering energy savings of up to 94 per cent.

LIGHTING—LED lighting offers amazing colour options at a brightness that rivals incandescent. When comparing energy consumption, LED uses only 75 watts per lamp versus incandescent which uses up to 500 watts.

CHEMICALS—Electronic salt chlorination and products that automate chemical dosage can greatly reduce chlorine use, waste and spillage and minimize the use of algaecides and pH adjusters. Using cartridge or DE filters can also eliminate the need for


AUTOMATION SYSTEMS—Automatic controls bring together all these categories and in most cases can optimize their performance by controlling additional features such as timers, lighting options, water features, choosing the most efficient heating method, maintaining water chemistry and initiating alarms. Operate your entire backyard remotely or via the internet.


By selecting some or all of these options, consumers can have all the bells and whistles and protect the environment, all while lounging poolside.

[BIO:] David Aitken is the senior district sales manager for Hayward Pool Products Canada Inc., a manufacturer of swimming pool equipment in Oakville, Ont.

As taken from the 2012 Backyard Escapes

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