Energy Saving Solutions: Variable Speed pumps from Hayward


Energy Saving Solutions: Variable Speed pumps from Hayward


We love pools… but let’s face facts – They can be a real drain on our wallets and the environment if we’re not careful! This year, resolve to lower your carbon footprint while saving money with Hayward energy Solutions products.

The pool industry has made tremendous strides in energy-conserving pool products. They’re actually so energy efficient that replacing older, still functioning equipment, makes economic sense. The most significant progress has been made in pumps, cleaners and pools and spa automation.

Hayward Energy Solutions products are more environmentally responsible on two levels. Individually, they’re extremely efficient, but by working together, they reach an entirely new level of energy efficiency. On average, a variable speed Ecostar or SuperPump VSP can save your customers up to 90% of the pool’s energy costs, lower your pool’s carbon footprint and with automation, even take the work out of owning a pool and spa.

Their advanced hydraulic design and energy efficient motors move water more efficiently while operating at lower speeds to minimize noise. They’re simply the best way for environmentally-conscious people to work less and play more, while minimizing costs and keeping the performance unchanged. The digital control interface on the Ecostar can even be detached from the pump and mounted on the wall for more convenience or go one step further and integrate them with an automation system. This is helpful where access to the pool equipment is limited. With hundreds of thousands of Super Pumps currently in use in Canada, the SuperPumpVSP is the choice of those who are on a budget and maybe even want to install the pump themselves. Replacing an existing super pump usually means no changes to the wiring ( 230V) or plumbing connections!

Here’s how: Of course, a pump needs to run in order to have pool water filtered, heated and chlorinated. Simply using a timer can save energy but may cause other issues if not run enough. On a properly plumbed pool, this can be done on low speed, contrary to common belief. With a two-speed pump, the consumer can save up to 60 per cent on operating costs, while a variable-speed drive (VSD) offers savings between 70-90 per cent.

Simply stated, a variable speed pump matches flow to a pool’s needs, versus running at full power 100% of the time and is suitable for both new construction and the aftermarket.

The Hayward Energy Solutions line includes our variable-speed and two-speed pumps, automation, robotic pool cleaners, heat pumps, LED Lighting and large-capacity cartridge filters.

Calculated energy savings are based on the selected speed only and Nova Scotia Power Rate of 13.9 cents per kWh winter 2013.

Operation at additional speeds may be required when using other equipment such as heaters, water features, etc. Actual savings may vary based on the single speed pump model and other hydraulic aspects such as plumbing size and length.

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