Do you have Air Bubbles in your Pool Pump?


Have you noticed little bubbles inside the pool pump and wondered what they are doing there?  Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything, but other times, it could mean issues with the pump or pool. 

Here are a few causes and solutions for you:

Check the pool to ensure the water in the pool is at the correct level.  The water should be ½ to ¾ up the opening of the skimmer. 

Have a look at the weir door (floating door) and ensure it is moving with the flow of the water and not stuck in the up position.  If it is stuck in the up position, you may need to file the edges slightly to keep it from sticking in the future or replace the weir door.

If you have a Variable Speed Pump and notice the bubbles when you run the pump at a slower speed, don’t panic, this is normal.

A lot of little bubbles, however is a sign of an air leak.  Common air leak sources to look for include:

  • A loose pump lid – pump lids must be on tight!
  • A dirty or worn lid O-Ring.  Try adding a small amount of lube to the O-ring or replacing the O-ring to see if this solves the issue.
  • A crack in the pump lid can also allow air to come into the pump causing the bubbles. Check the lid over for even a small hairline crack.  If you find one, be sure to replace the lid.

Should the lid and O-ring seem to be fine, check the fitting that goes into the pump to ensure that it is not cracked and that it was threaded in properly.  If necessary, change out the fitting to block any air leaks to the pump. 

If you are unable to locate the cause, contact your pool professional for a service call. Make sure to let them know what you have already checked so they can decide how to proceed and come prepared with the proper parts to fix the air leak.

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