Dechlorination for Swimming Pools: Why is it important?


Dechlorination for Swimming Pools,Why is it important?

Posted by The Team at R&R Pools on Fri, Apr 04, 2014 @ 08:03 PM


Dechlorination, what is it and why is it so important that we look after our environment as swimming pool owners?

What do I do with my pool water? That is a popular question these days. Nova Scotia is one of the provinces that do not have a by-law on lowering your pool water levels in drains and sewers. Let’s face the facts, not a lot of us live near the sewer drains, but there is a river or stream or body of water not that far from our pools, so we usually wonder how we can make it environmentally safe for the wildlife surrounding us.

Chlorine is one of the common chemical additives used to control bacterial growth in swimming pools. Proper chlorination; swimmers can now allow pool water to contact their skin and can incidentally swallow some pool water with little fear of infection. As beneficial as chlorine can be in controlled situations, it is harmful to our lakes and environment when released in a non control setting.

We here at R&R Pools, are certified as an Authorized Pool Water Discharge Specialist, Where the Dechlorination process begins. You as the home owner can do this process as well with the proper Dechlorination kit.

It is very important for the salt water pool owners to know that you cannot remove salt during

within 100ft of the pool. Salt is very harmful, especially when added to fresh body of water, so we at R&R Pools practice safe procedures when dealing with salt water pools and the harmful effects when draining water into lakes and rivers. the dechlorination process. Salt stays and builds up. Salt water pools should be on a cartridge filter and different closing procedures should be practiced when there is fresh water

 When you are getting ready to backwash or drain your pool, your first step of course is to check your chlorine level with your Bioguard test Strips. If you have 10 plus free days, you can always not treat your pool and leave the cover off and wait for the sun to gas off your chlorine, but who has the time for that these days? Our pool season is short enough right?

This is one of the Dechlorination Kits that are available, it attaches to your backwash hose, opposite end of the filter. The water will travel thru the Kit at the end of the hose, Once the water has gone thru the Dechlorination process, you water is safe to be exposed to all environments.

Making sure that only rain goes into lakes is something that everyone can do to make a difference in the quality of our environment.

Before draining your pool or backwashing, it is best if you have any questions to call us at R&R Pools to run through a small checklist of items that can help you decide which way is best for you and our environment.

A clean environment is important to us all. It impacts both our health and the economy. Every little bit helps.

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