Common Misconceptions about Purchasing a Hot Tub



Investing in a hot tub or spa can be overwhelming.  Doing your research before making any type of a large purchase is always recommended, so we have come up with a list of the common misconceptions about hot tubs to help you make your decision.

Myth:  The bigger the tub the better – think of all the parties you can have!

               Truth:  In my experience you don’t have as many parties as you might think.  Couples tend to enjoy their tub together at the end of a long day and have some alone time or family time.  The weekends may include some close friends, but typically one gender will enjoy the spa and then they switch.  You should purchase a tub based on the number of people living in the household.

Myth:  The more jets in the tub, the better the enjoyment.

                 Truth:  Some spa or hot tub retailers will try to sell you on the number of jets. The number of jets does not matter; it is the placement of the jets.  Your best full body massage is a few minutes in each seat as the jet configurations should be different for each spot.  There are several types of jets that will massage in different ways.

Myth:  All spas and hot tubs are energy efficient these days.

                       Truth: False!  Mass produced hot tubs sold at some box stores, as well as some of those in a spa show / exhibition are not well insulated.  Look for a good quality tub that is well insulated and has a good sealing cover, as well as an efficient motor, otherwise it may end up costing you in the long run by running up your electric bill.  A plug n play spa will not be as energy efficient as a hard-wired spa (110v vs 220v) but if you are going for a plug n play model, then check how it is heated.  A friction heated spa will take longer to heat and will lose the heat much faster than a tub heated with an element.  Purchasing a second-hand tub?  Have a reputable service technician check it over prior to committing to the sale.

 Myth:  Sitting in a dry spa or hot tub on a showroom floor will show you what you need to know about the feel and comfort of it.

             Truth:  All spas or hot tubs will have a different feeling when there is water in them due to buoyancy.  90% of your body is supported by the water so if possible wet test any spas that you are seriously considering buying.  Comfort and relaxation are important with your new purchase, so you want to make sure that you feel great in your spa, in several of the seats.

Myth:  All ages can get enjoyment of a spa.

            Truth:  Children under the age of 7 should not be permitted into a spa or a hot tub.  Children older than 7 should have limited time in the spa or turn the temperature down.  Children’s core body temperatures cannot regulate itself as an adult and they can over heat.  If a young child wants to be in, make sure their chest is out of the water, and do not allow them to stay in high temperatures for long periods of time.

Myth:  If you put a deposit down today I will throw in…

            Truth:  Be careful of what you are promised by a sales person, some will state they are willing to give you a deal if you buy today, but it may already be included in the price of the spa.

  1. It is mandatory, by law that every spa has at least one single white light that illuminates the footwell area. This is a safety feature.  Now with that in mind, you can have upgrades of colored lighting, perimeter lighting, additional lighting, and timed color switch lighting, but these upgrades are usually done prior to manufacturing of the spa so if they have one on a showroom floor with these features, then the pricing they have on the spa should already reflect those upgrades.
  2. A Spa Cover comes with every spa. Every hot tub manufacturer will send a matching spa cover for the spa to the dealer with their order and is included within price.  The cover will be at least a 3-2” taper, so they may offer an “upgraded” cover, but the spa will automatically come with a spa manufacturer cover when you purchase it.
  3. A water feature. I’m not aware of any built-in water feature that can be added after the tub itself is manufactured, therefore if the one on the showroom floor has a water feature (and 90% of tubs come with a standard water feature) than the price they are advertising with this model should already reflect the upgrade of that water feature.

Spas are an investment, and you should never impulse buy a spa.  Always research the manufacturer as well as the company you are purchasing it from.  Check their Better Business Bureau standing, look for references.  Then, once you have the perfect fit for your family, relax and enjoy.

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