ClearBlue Ionizers


Over the past few seasons clients have been requesting more information on sanitizer alternatives.  The ClearBlue ionizer is one of the alternatives that are available through R&R Pools.  Although you will still use chlorine as a sanitizer, your pool will require less with the ClearBlue Ionzier. 

Let’s take a closer look at the ClearBlue system:

As the ClearBlue mineral ions are completely neutral, your pH will stay in range for longer periods before needing adjustments.  (We recommend that you still test for the pH levels on a weekly basis to ensure it remains in the proper range)

The ClearBlue pool ionizer is completely harmless to your pool equipment, structure and landscaping unlike salt which can be corrosive to pool equipment and structures.  Although, if you wish to have a salt chlorine generator, the ClearBlue Ionizer is compatible with the salt generator.  You can turn the generator down to the lowest setting (bonus – this will prolong the life of your salt cell) and let the minerals help the salt chlorinator keep up with algae. 

How it works:

The ClearBlue pool ionizer hooks up to your pool filtration system and releases microscopic mineral ions which control the bacteria and algae in the water. 

The ClearBlue system consists of a controller, a tee and a set of mineral plates called an electrode. The tee is plumbed into your plumbing on the line that runs filtered water into your pool.  The electrode is threaded into the tee and is connected to the controller with an electrical cable.

The controller charges the two plates of the electrode with a precise electrical current. As the electrical current jumps from one plate to the other through the water, microscopic mineral particles are released. The electricity gives these particles a positive charge or ‘ionizes’ them which converts them into mineral ions.

Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria and algae cells and kill them by changing their molecular structure. The dead cells combine into chunks that are collected by the filter.

How long will the cell last?

The ClearBlue mineral cell will last 6 – 12 months depending on the size and usage of your pool. The first cell will go quicker because the minerals need to ramp up in the water. Once they have ramped up, there are very stable, even over the winter. So, subsequent cells will last longer.

There are two controllers, If you have the controller with the RED number screen, the ‘Ionizing’ light on the ClearBlue will go OFF when it’s time to replace your cell.  If you have the controller with the BLUE number screen, the ‘Ionizing’ light will FLASH RED when it’s time to replace your cell.

Using an ionizer is an excellent way of preventing future problems with your pool. Besides, it’s one of the most affordable ways to make sure that your pool is sparkling and safe for use. 

When it comes to pool maintenance and sanitation, look no further than R&R Pools. With over 35 years of working experience, you can count on us for all your swimming pool needs. Contact us today at to learn more about our products and services.

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